What is LDL Cholesterol?
Out with the bad, in with the good!

What is LDL Cholesterol? The good kind or the bad kind? Find the answer and what it's doing to your body. Be inspired to change your eating habits for good.

LDL Cholesterol is the bad cholesterol.

LDL and HDL cholesterol
LDL and HDL cholesterol

Think "L". Keep LDL Low.

HDL Cholesterol is the good kind.

Think "H". Keep HDL High.

For a really technical explanation (that's still understandable), here's an article - LDL Cholesterol: The Bad Cholesterol by WebMD.

Here's the quick version from one friend to another:

LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol clogs your arteries. Over time, other stuff collects with the cholesterol and builds up. The gunk is called plaque.

Two bad situations can result from this plaque build-up:
1) Your artery can eventually become blocked.
2) A blood clot can form on the plaque. Then the blood clot can break away and end up in your heart or brain - causing a heart attack or stroke.

Don't want that to happen to you? I don't either!

"H" for Hero and HDL

Just like your dentist scrapes plaque off your teeth, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol "scrapes" plaque away from your arteries.

Isn't that wonderful?

We can actually undo the damage caused by too much LDL cholesterol in our arteries.

Make HDL Higher and LDL Lower

Get crucial information here for How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally.

I know how hard it is to change eating habits.

Find lots of tips in List of Low Cholesterol Foods and Foods to Avoid High Cholesterol.

Exercise actually raises your HDL cholesterol levels. Don't have time or don't like to exercise? Cure those blues with free support emails and the best way to start loving exercise (lose weight walking).

If you smoke, you are working against yourself. Smoking lowers your good HDL cholesterol. I don't have any profound advice for quitting smoking, but you can get free motivational texts from the government to help you quit smoking.

Now you know What is LDL Cholesterol.
It's the "bad" kind, but you can undo build-up in your arteries by raising your good HDL Cholesterol.

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