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Free Weightlifting Charts (4 options) you can print out and customize. Building muscle is a great weight loss tip and a fantastic habit for life.

It matters "how" you structure your weight lifting. What is your goal - endurance, muscle tone, or strength?

If you want to build strength, check out the book Starting Strength. My brother, a high school wrestling coach, has been lifting weights and training athletes for years. He had some pretty amazing results after following this book's workouts.

If endurance or muscle tone is your goal, I recommend getting advice from a personal trainer. Dr. Dave learned at our Wellness Center how to lift weights for fitness and has been enjoying it ever since.

Here is a 5-day chart with separations for upper body, lower body and core exercises.

free weightlifting chart

Another 5-day chart with more flexibility. Room for any kind of weightlifting exercise.

free weightlifting chart

A 6-day chart with the weight & rep category moved to the side rather than the top. Maybe this one fits your needs better?

free weightlifting chart

This chart prints horizontally (landscape). Sections are added for warm-up, workout exercises and cool-down.

free weightlifting chart

Disclaimer - Don't hurt yourself. Always take your physician's advice first. Do your research and make good judgments for your personal workouts.

Remember to do weight lifting for your entire body, instead of focusing on just one area. You'll have better results. Also, use good technique to get great results from your efforts.

Last, stretching helps with soreness and keeps your full range of motion.

Use weightlifting charts to help you stay strong and feel great.

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