Web Success:
Where I finally found it.

I found web success. It came from what I learned from SBI (Site Build It). That's my hosting company (Who I pay so I can have a website).

Why? They give you A TON (yes, I said TON) of information how to make your website a hit - with the search engines and your visitors. And their price is competitive and fair for hosting.

You're wondering if SBI's information is really that valuable. Here's my web success story.

My Story Begins

I have a college degree in finance with a minor in speech communications. I became a stay-at-home mom with the intentions of starting my own business "someday" when the kids went to school.

That "someday" came, but I didn't have any good ideas. The world wide web was in full-force, so an internet business was the clear choice. I could work part-time at home and still focus on raising our family.

After a lot of thinking and wondering, I decided to sell jewelry from Nepal made by women rescued from poverty and abuse. I knew the Americans running this venture and was impressed with their work. I liked the jewelry. This sounded great!

guardian village handicrafts fair trade jewelry

I didn't know anything about building a successful internet store, but neither did anyone else that I knew! Even with all my husband's contacts (he's a family doctor), there wasn't anyone I could turn to who had built their own web store. Who was having web success?

I researched host companies on the internet. We bought a lot of things from amazon. com, so eventually I chose their hosting service. I made a very pretty website and hoped I'd sell lots of jewelry and help keep those ladies in Nepal busily employed.

That website failed. Ouch.

From Failure to Success

Failure is hard. I knew I wanted to try again, but I really wanted a different hosting company. Amazon webstores was fine. They have lots of help menus (I didn't understand many of them), and technical service was just that - help with basic technical problems (but really courteous).

Then I stumbled onto SBI for web success.

One evening, I was researching fish oil for some reason. I found a website, read the information, and also checked out who wrote the website. He described having failures on the internet but had found a great hosting company. Now he was having web success.

So I checked out SBI and found many, many people having successful websites. Who could possibly have web success with kids' party ideas or juggling?

I made the plunge and invested in building a new website, knowing that SBI provided lots of tools and guidance. Supposedly, I could make a good website that gets lots of FREE TRAFFIC. I went back to that fish oil website because if I clicked on his SBI link, he'd get some money for it. I was happy to do it.

I used SBI's market research tools, and I found out why my fair trade jewelry website failed - it had almost no market on the internet. I wish I'd known that. I had lost money and gained heartache. (It's still great jewelry, and another business person has it on amazon.com now.)

With SBI's guidance, you list all your interests then research to see which ones have a good market. So I found "weight loss tips."

from stay-at-home mom to work-at-home mom

Here I am, and my website is all that SBI said it would be. It's working! I have hundreds of visitors every month from all over the world. But as I keep building and following SBI's advice, it will eventually be much, much more than that - thousands of visitors.

And I can work from home - or the beach, or the ski slopes or anywhere! My potential success is as big as the whole internet.

Why I Recommend SBI

What do you get with SBI's hosting?

• A competitive, fair price to host a website
• On top of that, TONS of information and online videos to make sure you do it right
• A forum (a community), so you can learn from other SBI owners
• If all that's not enough, coaching you can pay for to get more help

What do you NOT get with SBI?

• A get-rich-quick scheme

However, they WILL guide you into building a real business which takes a lot of work.

If I can save you from having one (or more) failures on the internet, I'm happy to do it! There is no other hosting company that has what SBI has. I've looked.

If you want to have a business (part time or full time) from home, I heartily recommend SBI. I've been very happy with their tools and guidance. It's a true bargain.

Benjamin Franklin explains in his autobiography why he didn't patent his inventions. He says, ". . . as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously."

I feel that SBI does the same thing. I pay for hosting services, but their strategy and "secret to success" is generously and abundantly shared.

CLICK HERE to check out SBI.
(Here's a video, if you'd like to watch.)

I wish you success, too!

I had questions - so do you!

I was skeptical at first - because you have to be careful with your money.

I knew I needed to change websites and hosting company, but you have to be sure before you lay out your money.

Here is a place where you can have your questions answered (via phone, email, or a call back). It's free.

Click here to ask SBI a question - at no cost.


There's nothing but honesty and realistic expectations when it comes to investing in an SBI website.

*Photography by michal joy photography (on facebook)

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