Water for Weight Loss

Drink water for weight loss - it's the easiest possible way to jump start your new healthy lifestyle! Just switch some of your drinks to water every day.

crunch weight loss plan - drink water for weight loss

Remember our Golden Rule: Start each step AFTER you have fully convinced yourself to change. You will be making a new life habit, and that takes your full "buy-in." Allow yourself to read, think, and then decide to plunge in!

Myth - You need to drink tons of water to lose weight.

No one wants to do that. I don't count the glasses of water I drink every day.

  • Keep your normal breakfast drink.
  • Switch to water for snacks
  • Switch to water for SOME most lunches and dinners.
  • Be flexible.

Water and Weight Loss Benefits

SAVE CALORIES. You have a certain amount of calories to consume during the day - enjoy them in great food instead of high-calorie drinks. You'll get more satisfaction. Let yourself get MORE from life.

*You can still have your favorite drinks. Scale back. Your HABIT will be drinking water for weight loss and other healthy low calories drinks. Your TREAT comes in those other drinks. In my mind, I plan to have soft drinks a couple times a month.

With just this change, you'll consume fewer calories, and that means water and weight loss go together. Check out these examples:

Cut Out Each Day:

1 can of Coca-Cola

1 Starbucks grande Caffe Mocha

1 Starbucks grande Hot Chocolate

1 large McDonalds Sweet Tea

1 PowerAde 32 oz

Calories Saved in 1 Year:

51,100 calories

131,400 calories

146,000 calories

102,200 calories

73,000 calories

Saving 146,000 calories in a year is big! See how your weight would literally melt off just by changing your drinks?

FEEL BETTER. Read Dr. Dave's column to get the proven medical facts. Part of drinking water for weight loss is staying hydrated - see the benefits. Also, we are not in favor of drinks with artificial sweeteners (that would include many flavored waters and diet sodas). Artificial sweeteners are usually proven to be questionable for your health. It's easy to avoid them.


1.You don't like water.
2.You can't make it through your day without the caffeine.
3.You love the taste of your sodas and high calorie coffees/drinks.

Solutions . . .

1. It's OK if you "don't like water" right now. That can change without too much trouble. We were made to thrive on water; your body will happily adjust after a short time. Try these fast weight loss tips:

  • Try different water bottles
  • Drink with a straw
  • Keep water bottles in the fridge at home and work
  • Add lemon slices to your water (or lime or oranges)
  • Get a filter for your faucet or a water cooler
  • Use fun and interesting cups

View/print the above suggestions

how to enjoy drinking water

2. "You need the energy from caffeine to get through your busy day" (or you fear having a week of headaches from getting off the caffeine addiction.)

Get your energy from food instead of drinks.

You can get through some headaches; they won't last more than a few days. Dr. Dave reports that people typically have these kind of headaches for 3-5 days. If you can manage a common cold, you can get yourself off caffeine. I did it in college. Take a recommended dose of Advil or Tylenol, and drink some water. Wouldn't it be great to be free from caffeine?

3. "You love your soft drinks and lattes." You can still have them - once in awhile. It's time to raise your standards and treat yourself better. Try these suggestions:

  • Always order SMALL DRINKS (the flavor doesn't lessen with a small size). You save tons of calories over time with small drinks. For example, switch from a large fast food Coke to a small Coke and save 160 calories per day and 58,400 calories per year!
  • Have a "RARELY" mindset. I think of having a couple soft drinks per month. I don't keep track - that's just my goal/mindset. When I'm on vacation, I drink soda more often. But when I go back home, I return to my usual lifestyle drinking water and losing weight. It works.

Click for more ideas on "How to Replace Soft Drinks"

how to replace soft drinks

Why Drink Water?
From Dr. Dave

Decrease your daily calories.

I recommend either water or low calorie drinks such as skim milk. Drinks with artificial sweeteners have never been shown to reduce weight. In fact, in my opinion, these drinks tend to reinforce the need to consume sweet products. Avoid soda and a lot of juice as these are generally empty calories that you do not need.

In fact, the first thing that I did when I started to try to manage my weight and get in shape was to skip soda and drink water instead. I lost 5 pounds with that step alone over 2 months.

Increase your hydration.

Most medical organizations recommend 6-8, 8oz glasses of water a day. One study showed that those who drank 8 glasses felt more focused and energetic than those that drank only 4.

Background - from Wendy

I stumbled onto this habit during college. I gained the typical weight that freshman and sophomores do.

While scrounging in the kitchen for snacks, I saw my sorority sisters filling their big plastic cups with ice water. So I just did the same thing.

The weight melted off my junior year, and this habit was a big part of it. I was struggling so hard, then suddenly it was so easy.

Switching from diet soda to water for weight loss was very simple. (I didn't miss the soda, either.)

CRUNCH TIME: Drink Water for your Weight Loss

Timeline: Give yourself a month for this Water for Weight Loss Step.

Do: Start drinking water for almost all lunches, dinners and snacks. (Skim milk, tea and other low-calorie drinks without artificial sweeteners work, too.)

Replace your high calorie coffees with low-calorie ones. Need help? Find nutrition facts online for your favorite restaurants, then you'll be prepared to make better choices. Look at the calories and ingredients of the drinks you buy - avoid high calories and artificial sweeteners.

More Tips: Put encouraging "Drink Water" post-it notes around your home. Send yourself encouraging notifications on your phone. Also, see the tips above. You'll love simply drinking water for weight loss.

Congratulate yourself for starting to live better. You're on your first step to crunching away your lifelong weight loss!

We recommend combining the WATER and EXERCISE steps.
Now go to U - UNLEASH the Secret of Exercise

Have A Great Tip or Success Story about Drinking Water?

Share it! Your idea could really help and encourage someone else . . .

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