Slow Carbs
The Secret to Weight Loss

Slow Carbs are the secret to weight loss that you've been trying to find. Read on and learn how they will make everything fall into place to create long-lasting, healthy eating habits.

slow carbs

If you'll make a serious effort to put a slow carb in every meal, this is the day your life changes. Consider yourself already a person with a healthy weight who feels proud of how they look. That is you!

We were first introduced to this term by the Food Lovers Fat Loss program. It's the only weight loss program I ever purchased, mostly because it had recipes and was pretty inexpensive. I'm always looking for healthy recipes that our family actually likes!

This program divides carbohydrates into fast and slow.

Fast carbs are digested fast. They cause a fast rise in blood sugar.
Slow carbs are digested slow. They cause a slow rise in blood sugar. This is preferable.

Does this mean you can't eat fast carbs? Never eat white potatoes, corn, or white bread again? That's where I thought I should be taking my family's eating habits. But, actually, no.

I learned that slow carbs do two amazing things:
1- When you add them to every meal, it slows down your digestion for EVERYTHING YOU ATE, including some fast carbs along with it. Did you know that?
2 - When you add them to every meal, you are finally able to control your portions and stop overeating. Why? Because slow carbs are FILLING, and not only that, they KEEP YOU FULL. You won't want to binge on oreos an hour after dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Do Slow Carbs = Low Carb?

But add beans (all legumes), too.

Do Slow Carbs = Lots of Fiber?

Yes, usually.
But high fiber grains are not slow carbs.

Do Slow Carbs = Low Glycemic?

Yes, most of time. You have more choices on the Low Glycemic List.

List of Slow Carbs and Fast Carbs

Slow Carbs

Fast Carbs



  • all berries
  • apricots
  • lemons & limes
  • all other fruits



  • all other vegetables
  • including tomatoes, carrots, and pumpkin
  • potatoes
  • corn
  • winter squashes



  • all legumes (beans and peas), except nuts
  • all grains
  • all breads
  • all pastas
  • all cereals
  • all dairy
  • all sweets
  • all alcoholic drinks
  • (but these CAN be low glycemic)

NOT Carbs

  • all meats
  • all fats


  • are low carb
  • can be higher fat
  • can be high in fiber
  • are not on the glycemic scale

Are you confused about Slow Carb, Low Carb, and Low Glycemic?

Eat a protein and slow carb for every meal, and it's perfectly fine and desireable to add a fast carb, too! And eat enough snacks that you're eating every 2-3 hours to keep your blood sugar even.

You should be. One diet plan says only eat low carbs. Another says only "slow." Learn about the Glycemic Index (or Glycemic Load - which is different, too!) and you think you should only eat low glycemic foods.

What do you believe?

This is what I do. Learn about them and use common sense.

Eliminate a whole macronutrient from your eating (like no carbs or no fat)? No, not common sense. Never eat high carbs? No, no one could sustain that.


For every meal, eat a protein, slow carbohydrate, and fast carbohydrate (or replace this with another slow carb). Add snacks so that you eat every 2-3 hours.

When you allow your blood sugar to spike and fall, you have problems. You don't feel good. You may be gaining weight and unable to lose weight.

Now you're asking, how do I keep from eating too much? Slowly digested carbohydrates are the secret. They fill you up, keep you full, keep your blood sugar from spiking, and keep you from eating a whole bag of chips.

Add a Slow Carb to every meal, but you can still eat Fast Carbs, too! That's the secret to weight loss that everyone is desperately trying to find.


Food Lovers Fat Loss program materials

The New Glucose Revolution for Diabetes by Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell, Dr. Stephen Colagiuri, Alan W. Barclay

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