Running to Lose Weight
A very good choice!

runners with race numbers

Running to Lose Weight will work wonders for you. Get your best running tips for how to start running, motivation for running, and how to choose running shoes.

Avoid the biggest pitfalls that make people quit running. Be one of the people who figures out how to stick with running, lose the weight to reach your goal, and join millions of runners around the globe who love to exercise!

How to Start Running

Find out the secret of starting to run and sticking with it. Getting started is undoubtedly the hardest part of running. How do you get over that painful beginning? We share our tried and true tips.

Calories Burned Running

Actually, it varies from person to person. Find out what calories you can expect to burn while running. Make your body an efficient calorie-burning machine.

Running Map

Technology makes running fun! Use running maps to plan your run or analyze your route afterwards. Very helpful when you're trying to run a specific distance.

Running Songs

Listening to running songs can really keep you going. Set your pace and have a great time during your run. Keep the songs varied to stay excited about the next workout.

Motivation for Running

You have to be motivated for running to lose weight. Ever get to the end of day and you just can't make yourself exercise? We've all been there. Get motivating tips that keep you running longer and losing more weight.

How to Choose Running Shoes

We've bought a boatload of running shoes at our house over the years. Get tips for picking out running shoes - how to avoid blisters and what to do when you get them.

Garmin Running Watch

It's amazing how many people are using running watches! Even at a middle school cross country meet, you'd be surprised how many athletes cross the finish line and immediately look at their running watch to get their results! Come on board with this useful tool.

Running vs Walking

You want to be smart about your workouts. Find out when "less is more" and when "more is more!" Running is such a fantastic workout. But everyone needs a walking workout in their repertoire of exercise, too.

Running Stretches

Stretching prevents injuries. Just minutes of stretching before and after our workouts can yield a great return. Also, counteract the effect of working the same muscles over and over (when running).

Quotes about Running

Get inspired with quotes about running. Read quotes from Dr. Dave's favorite running books, as well as many more motivational tips. Running is fun!

Best Running Tips

You can run smart. Dr. Dave  and our son share their personal very best running tips. They shares their love of running and what has worked for them.

Running to Lose Weight is a decision that will help you for a lifetime.

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