Running Map
Have some Fun with the Run

A running map makes your workout fun! Use it to plan your run or analyze your route afterwards.

Runners often use a variety of things to keep their workouts interesting - goals, races, and maps. Whatever can motivate you to START RUNNING AND KEEP RUNNING is a good thing.

Get Started with your Running Map:

Energize your run! Either map it out ahead of time or see where you've been. Explore new places. (Remember - safety first.)

Tips from Dr. Dave

I truly enjoy running.  Where I live the scenery is beautiful - long country roads, corn, soybeans, and forests.  The roads, however, are pretty much grids.  Roads are intersected at ½ or 1 mile intervals.  Most roads are straight as an arrow.  In my case, I can tell exactly how far that I have gone without a map or a gps watch on 95% of my runs.  

Sometimes, though, I want to run to a particular place or run at a different location.  In that case, I like to map my runs before or check out routes that others have done.  There are plenty of sites that can be very useful in this. is my favorite.  It is easy to use and has plenty of cool features.  I can share my route with others or I can see what routes that they have taken.  It has training tools and advice, also.  I do not run with a smart phone – but this site also has mobile apps for those.  

My gps watch also has a feature to map routes after my run with full analysis. I use a Garmin running watch  and my son has a Nike running watch.  Both can be used to map and analyze after a run.  If you are really into running there is nothing better than one of these watches to track you pace, mileage, elevation, etc.  You can come back home and analyze and map everything about your run and share it with others if you wish.   

There are other sites also that are great for running:
Google maps

More help from our website:

Running and walking can take you from "wanting to be fit" to "I did it!" Find more running and weight loss tips on these pages:

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Enjoy running and walking with running maps!

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