Rotisserie Chicken Recipe
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A rotisserie chicken recipe simplifies life. Who wouldn't love perfectly cooked chickens ready made by your grocery store? The fat drips away but moisture stays in during the cooking process.

I was pleasantly surprised how good (actually superior) my grocery's rotisserie chicken tasted! My family eats the leftover chicken better than when I roasted it myself.

Timing can be tricky for picking up a rotisserie chicken. My grocery starts selling them at 10:00 in the morning, and they can sell out before the end of the day. Ordering one (or more) was an option. Also, chilled chickens from the day before were available to buy.

You also have to plan ahead to take your groceries home right away - not a great idea to postpone it for an hour while you have to run other errands or pick up the kids.

Enjoy these rotisserie chicken recipes . . .

rotisserie chicken recipe with bulgur wheat

Rotisserie Chicken Recipe with Bulgur Wheat

• 3 T. olive oil
• 1 small onion, diced small
• 1/4 lb. mushrooms, diced very small
• Cayenne pepper, sprinkle
• Salt & pepper
• 1 cup bulgur wheat
• 2 garlic cloves, pressed
• Salt & pepper (again)
• 1 cup corn, drained
• 2 cups chicken broth
• 1 1/2 cups bite-size chicken (from rotisserie chicken)
• 3 green onions, diced

Preheat a heavy skillet on low.

Prepare ingredients. Dice onion. Dice mushrooms very small (food processor or chopper is extremely helpful).

Measure 1 cup bulgur wheat. Press garlic cloves. Drain corn. Shred chicken from rotisserie chicken. Slice green onions. *Tip - store vegetables on paper plates to add when ready.

Put olive oil in skillet and turn up heat to medium high.

Saute onion for 5 minutes, until softened and translucent.

Add mushrooms to skillet with cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Saute 3-5 minutes. Let mushrooms reduce.

Add to bulgur wheat to skillet with garlic and another sprinkle of salt and pepper. Saute 2-3 minutes, stirring often to toast the wheat.

Add to corn skillet. Stir.

Add chicken broth. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low. Cover and cook for 15 minutes. Liquid should be absorbed.

Stir in chicken. Let it heat through for 2-4 minutes. Top with green onions. Serve.

rotisserie chicken recipe, chicken salad

Rotisserie Chicken Salad

• 1 rotisserie chicken or 2 cups shredded chicken
• 1/4 cup onion, diced small and soaked in cold water
• 1 cup seedless white grapes, quartered
• 1/2 cup celery, diced small
• 1/2 - 3/4 cup mayonnaise
• 1 T. fresh lemon juice or juice and zest from 1/2 lemon
• 1/4 t. curry powder
• 1/4 t. salt
• 1/4 t. pepper
• 2 T. slivered almonds
• optional - 1/2 cup carrots, diced small

First, chop onion and place in a bowl of cold water. The onion will lose much of its bitterness and become pleasantly crisp.

Take chicken off the bones and shred into large bowl.

Slice grapes in to quarters, chop celery and carrots (optional). Place in bowl. Add mayonnaise, lemon juice and zest, curry powder salt, pepper, and almonds.

Drain onions well on paper towel then add. Stir chicken salad gently but well. Taste - add more mayonnaise, salt or pepper according to your taste.

Serve with whole wheat buns and lettuce leaves.

rotisserie chicken quesadillas recipe

Rotisserie Chicken Quesadillas

• whole wheat soft tortillas
• shredded chicken from 1 rotisserie chicken
• shredded cheese
• 1 can small white beans, optional
• salsa
• lettuce, bite-size pieces
• optional - onion, diced

Heat a quesadilla maker.*

Assemble your quesadilla. Lay one tortilla on the counter. Sprinkle on chicken, beans, cheese and salsa. Avoid piling ingredients in the exact center of your tortilla because each cut will intersect the center.

Heat quesadilla until it starts to brown, 4-5 minutes.

Remove quesadilla with a heat-proof spatula and lay on a cutting board. Cut into 6 pie-shaped pieces (3 cuts).

Serve with salsa and lettuce. (If your family is picky about chunky salsa, puree it in a food processor.)

*If you don't have a quesadilla maker, use a large skillet. Heat quesadilla, then flip over and heat other side.

salad with rotisserie chicken

Salad Extraordinaire

This rotisserie chicken recipe was the best salad I ever made, AND it was made with the leftovers from the Quesadilla recipe (above).

Combine on plates:

• lettuce, bite-sized
• chicken, shredded
• tomato, diced small
• cucumber, diced small
• white beans
• salt & pepper
• 1/2 lemon
• olive oil

Layer the lettuce, chicken, beans and vegetables on dinner plates.

To make your own dressing, sprinkle with salt & pepper, squirt lemon juice and drizzle olive oil over your salad. Mix slightly and gently with your fork before eating.

A Rotisserie Chicken Recipe makes life easier and tasty!

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