Quick Weight Loss for Teens

Quick Weight Loss for Teens has only 2 parts

  • Eat Often
  • Alternate your Exercise

Keep it simple. Let past mistakes stay in the past. Let's get going.

There are a couple common-sense strategies that will "trick" or actually "optimize" how your body works . . .

Eat often. Yes, really.

Honestly, the times I get to my lowest weight is when I snack on healthy cereal all morning.

Myth: Cut out snacks. Don't eat much at meals or skip them whenever possible.

Fact: Keeping your blood sugar steady is one of the best ways to take off weight. Why? Your body is confident that you're not starving (like a famine or drought) so it won't sock away fat to make sure you survive. It will let go of the extra weight.

Plan: Eat every 2-3 hours. Eat snacks that are approximately 200 calories or less. Meals are simple with a 3-part plate.

Doctors have been telling us to eat small meals and snack in between for years.

Most dieters think that semi-starving themselves is the best thing to do, but they are making a big mistake. When your body thinks you're starving, it will take what you eat and turn as much of it as possible into fat.

So "trick" your body (or optimize it) so it doesn't think you're in a national crisis and about to starve. Feed it smaller amounts are regular intervals throughout the day.

Imagine waking up tomorrow knowing you should eat every 2-3 hours. It's a nice feeling, especially when it lets you work your way to a nice healthy weight. Now that's quick weight loss for teens.

Alternate your Exercise

Myth: Exercise long and hard every day to lose the most weight as quickly as possible.

Fact: As you work your muscles, their cells tear in order to get strengthened. You must give your body some down time to repair. AND most people can't keep that exercise schedule up for very long - then they quit and feel defeated.

Plan: Alternate days of hard cardiovascular workouts (like running or aerobic classes) with strength training workouts (like weight lifting, pilates, or yoga) and a day of rest.

With this alternating plan, you are burning lots of calories each day, plus getting great performance out of your body. Use your body's natural workings to your advantage.

Most people will cut out strength training workouts when they're trying to lose weight. However, you're building muscles that will increase your metabolism - even at rest!

The greatest advantage is that you can stick with this exercise schedule. YOU'LL KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF while most everyone else will scale back their diets and exercise and put the weight right back on. Quick weight loss for teens can work for you.

Teens, you'll never have to diet as an adult.

Something I learned about Snacks

If I was out for several hours without access to healthy food, I'd skip meals and wait until I got home to eat. I was really proud of myself for not eating fast food or junk food.

But it would have been better to eat 200 calories of a candy bar than go so long without food. You really mess yourself up when you go long periods of time without food.

I've learned to find the best options at fast food restaurants. A Junior Whopper at Burger King is my favorite.

In a small package it has the 3 parts of a meal: protein=hamburger, carbs=bun, vegetables=lettuce, tomato, onion.

If I forget to take along a snack (a granola bar or an apple & slice of cheese), then I eat part of a candy bar or snack bag of chips. Eating a small snack, even a Snickers candy bar, doesn't make your blood sugar spike up then fall.

A note about QUICK Weight Loss for Teens

I know how it feels to want the extra weight off NOW - even yesterday would be better!

But let's be truthful and realistic about quick weight loss for teens. Healthy weight loss (that's fat loss, not water or muscles) should be 1-2 pounds per week.

When my husband, Dr. Dave, started running, I was surprised that he could run miles and miles each day and still only lose a couple pounds a week. That's reality. That's how your body is made - to adjust slowly.

Also, when you first start exercising, two things are happening. Muscle gain and fat loss. At first, the muscle gain outweighs the fat loss. That's when a lot of people will give up because the scale is not going down yet.

But you're smarter, and you'll stick with your exercise and eating. You'll see the fat melt away and stay off.

You have your whole life to get this right. Why not give yourself a few months instead of a few weeks? It will only lead to success.

Have you felt like this?

"I've GOT to lose this weight. Fast! What should I do? OK, I'll have to exercise as hard as I can. And I've been eating too much, so I should stop snacking and eat as little as possible at meals. Yeah, that will take this weight off as soon as possible!!"

Not quite. Here's why.

First, you will be losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. Muscle outweighs the fat loss.

Don't give up! Continue to exercise and the fat will keep disappearing, AND your new muscles will continually burn more calories even when you're not exercising. Is that worth waiting for? You bet.

Second, your body is designed to SURVIVE. It will only let go of fat slowly.

For instance, if you were in a food shortage or crisis, your body will hold onto your fat as long as possible to keep you alive. If you are dieting hard and exercising hard, your body can't tell the difference between that and a drought.

How can you fool your body to let go of the weight without trying to gain it back?

Don't skip meals or snacks. Don't let it think you're in a starving scenario. "Quickly" and "keeping it off" usually mean a couple pounds a week (a few more if you're a guy).

How to Burn Fat

exercises to lose weight quickly

Fat burns at 85% when you exercise at a moderate pace.

What's moderate?

When your heart rate is 50-70% of its maximum Target Heart Rate. Some people describe this as being able to talk while you're exercising.

When you exercise harder, fat burns at 50%. You're burning more calories but a lower percentage is fat. Your heart rate would be at 70-85% of maximum Target Heart Rate, and you'd have difficulty talking while exercising.

We recommend taking advantage of both. Success will come. We want you to be able to maintain your new, lower weight. That's done by continuing your exercise.

You can lose weight quickly by Alternating Exercise with Eating Often

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