Nutrisystem Reviews

Nutrisystem reviews show it's a short-term plan "packed" with convenience. You pick a month's worth of pre-packaged food which is shipped to you. You've probably noticed many motivating advertisements by celebrities.

In the last few years, they changed their meals to follow the glycemic index, which includes high fiber and good carbs. This is good! You must add daily fresh food (salads, fruit, dairy, vegetables) to make this plan work as intended. The problem comes in choosing those extra foods - unfortunately, it may too often be the unhealthy foods already in someone's routine.

Their own online Nutrisystem food reviews state "4 out of 5 customers say they love the food and that it satisfies their hunger." Choices include lots (but not all) of pasta, dry soups, and dessert bars.


  • convenience


  • pre-packaged food taste
  • no lasting changes in your lifestyle
  • about $300 per month

Does Nutrisystem work? Yes, if you ate just your monthly order of food, you would lose weight. If you followed it as recommended and supplemented with your own healthy food - again, yes.

Is it the best way to lose weight? You still need to learn how to make your own healthy meals in good portion sizes after you go off their program.

If you want to use Nutrisystem, do it as a jump start to get "unstuck" out of your lifestyle. But know you have real changes to discover and make when you're done with their pre-fab meals.

House Call from Dr. Dave - What is his opinion?

Nutrisystem uses a combination of low fat and low glycemic index diet (high in so-called good carbs) in a packaged system. I could not locate any long-term studies for effectiveness past 3 months.

I like this plan for those that have very little discipline in eating or choosing food. Also, it works for those with little time to think about eating or shopping. It is very structured and as long as you don't mind eating processed food all the time, it leaves little room to "mess up" the diet.

On the down side, it is more expensive than cooking from whole foods, and it is processed for the most part. Long term, you either need to keep spending the money to maintain weight loss or you will need to change to another eating program, as I doubt most can either afford or stand to do this for a lifetime.

*This Nutrisystem review is our opinion only. We are not affiliated with any weight loss companies in any way and do not receive money or products from them. You've probably noticed we're most in favor of losing weight by making a series of small permanent changes in your lifestyle (which would be approved by your doctor).

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