Low Carb Cookie Recipes
Make Low Carb Crispy, Golden, Yummy!

Low Carb Cookie Recipes - could life get any better?? Here is low carb the Weight Cruncher way.

What makes a cookie higher in carbs? Sugar and white flour.

Sugar, 1 cup    256 carbs
Flour, 1 cup    88 carbs

You can see that sugar is the real high-carb culprit here.

The secret to baking a GOOD low carb cookie is to lower the sugar just a little and use a small scoop (click here for a great price) to make smaller cookies. You will turn out low carb cookies that KIDS will like - not just adults who are so desperate for something sweet that they'll eat cardboard dipped in sugar substitute.

Dark chocolate chips are lower in carbs and have fiber, making them a lower carb choice.

I tried alternative flours like coconut flour and almond meal, which are very low carb. No one in our house was happy with these cookies. I want a cookie to still taste like a cookie. So I kept traditional white flour and often substitute some oats to lower the carbs.

I also tried using sugar substitutes. If you are used to a chemical aftertaste, then you will like those kind of cookies. I had an aftertaste for at least an hour, and I didn't like that at all. Instead, I kept the sugar, but you can lower it a little and still get a really good cookie.

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Recipe

5.5 grams of net carbs per cookie

No one wants to give up warm chocolate chip cookies. Now you can enjoy them, even while eating a low carb diet. This was the hardest recipe to make low carb. Our recipe is inspired by one from a blog of gluten-free recipes called Z's Cup of Tea.

If you just start replacing sugar and flour in a cookie, they turn out very, very different than what you want. In this recipe, you make a paste from almonds and pecans. You end up with a flavorful cookie which is close in texture to your favorite childhood chocolate chip cookie.

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookie

6.8 net carbs per cookie

I tried the popular flourless peanut butter cookie recipe, but even my daughter thought it was way too sugary. And sugar is much more carbohydrate-dense than flour anyway. This is when I developed my strategy for making a low carb cookie still taste like the cookie you love. Lower the sugar a little, start with a smaller recipe (1 egg only), and use a small cookie scoop. You can look forward to a warm, crispy dessert that everyone, even kids, will love.

Low Carb Coconut Pinwheel Cookie Recipe

Low Carb Coconut Pinwheel Cookie

4.8 net carbs per cookie

This cookie is not only rich and eye-catching, but they stay fresh for an extra-long time.

These cookies will take a little longer to make because you roll them out and chill (or freeze) them. The payoff is that you can bake a few at a time when you want a fresh, warm cookie. You can freeze them for awhile until you need to quickly bake great cookies. Or bake them all and freeze the leftovers.

Low Carb Shortcut Coconut Cookie Recipe

Low Carb Shortcut Coconut Cookie

4.8 net carbs per cookie

This is the same low carb cookie recipe as the Coconut Pinwheel Cookie - except it's a lot faster and easier! And, of course, it tastes just as good.

Low Carb Cocoa Cookie Recipe

Low Carb Cocoa Cookie

6 net carbs per cookie

Pecans are super low in carbs! They are your best friend in a low carb cookie recipe. You use a whole cup of pecans in this recipe - that's a grand total of only 4 carbs.

If you love a fudgy cookie, you'll adore these. Chocolately, nutty, and crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Milk and Cookies

Adding a glass of milk to your cookies is actually a very healthy thing to do.

To counteract your carbohydrates, eat protein at the same time. One glass of milk is a good balance to one serving of carbohydrates (14 grams), which for our recipes is two or three cookies. A perfect low carb dessert!

What is considered a Low Carb Dessert?

Diabetic Cooking Magazine calls 15 grams of carbs or less per serving a low carb dessert.

The New Atkins For a New You Cookbook goes as high as 13 grams of net carbs per serving.

Our cookies range from 5-7 grams of net carbs per cookie, so you could easily have 2 or even 3 cookies for a great dessert. I think 2 cookies is about perfect.

Remember, net carbs is carbohydrates minus fiber. (You can also subtract out sugar alcohols, but most of us don't have that information.)

Low Carb Cookie Recipes take my favorite dessert to new levels.

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