Lose Weight Walking
UNLEASH the Secret of Exercise

You can lose weight walking - good news! You'll find out the best way to start losing weight, use exercise as your stress reliever (instead of food), and get lifelong health benefits from walking.

Why "Walking" - why not any exercise? First, walking is a fantastic exercise for your whole life. Second, the only equipment needed is a decent pair of shoes. Third, it can be done in almost any location, including indoors. And finally, when you've had a hard day, walking is manageable (we often take a simple walk after a long, tiring day).

If you currently do not exercise, first get a physical from your doctor and get his/her OK to start exercising. Then, start walking 15 minutes a day.

The SECRET OF EXERCISE is first making the TIME in your schedule to exercise.

You can walk for as little as 15 minutes. Really?


Surprising? We think we have to exercise for 30, 45, or 60 minutes (and sweat buckets) for it to "count." That's just not true. Is 15 minutes of walking better than 15 minutes sitting on the couch or at your desk - yes. Did you just burn those calories - good for you. You'll be losing weight walking.

The secret to making a new habit that will stick is to start small then build up. You will increase to walking 30+ minutes (if you're ready now - go for it!). You're building a foundation (muscles, cardiovascular strength and endurance) so you can start to burn fat away.

*Don't be surprised if you don't lose weight walking at first! There's a simple explanation: you will immediately start to build muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. Any weight loss in the beginning may be balanced out by your muscle gain - for a time.

When Dr. Dave started jogging, he didn't lose any pounds for a few weeks. When he did start losing weight, it was SLOW - 1-2 pounds a week, which is healthy weight loss. (I was surprised even when he was running lots of miles a week yet still losing weight so slowly. I thought the pounds would rush off once he really got exercising. It didn't. His weight loss was slow and steady - exactly what you want.)

How to Stop using Food to Relieve Stress

Easier said than done, don't you agree? When life gets tough, we have an instinct to make things better. Maybe you turn to food - sweet or salty, usually nicely fattening. Wouldn't it be a dream to use exercise instead? It's within reach . . .

Solution: make exercise a habit in your schedule. When it becomes a routine, you can get it done almost without thinking.

But again, HOW?? Start by walking and begin with as little as 15 minutes a day. People just don't have much success launching a major exercise program from nothing. A drastic change is hard to sustain, but you can walk a few minutes a day. That's an easy solution.

Once you're used to walking 15 minutes on most days, you can easily increase it to 30. You've already carved out the time. You will look forward to it. It feels good to take care of yourself, and you will lose weight walking while improving your health.

From habit to stress reliever - start to notice how you relieve stress in your life. If you catch yourself eating, you've identified a bad stress-relieving habit. Next, make exercise (walking) a routine so that it becomes easy and rewarding. THEN, the next time you realize you're reaching for food as a comfort, turn to your other comfort - walking. Suddenly, that mountain (learning to exercise) just turned into a mole hill.

Ideas to get you Walking

Now for the fun part! You can Lose Weight Walking. Try these great ideas to get your walking routine established:

CARRY WATER with you. This helps me immensely! I feel more energetic when I drink water when I'm walking.

TREADMILL. We've had huge success using treadmills. Our first was an inexpensive, used model. I've walked with a baby strapped to my back. We taught our toddlers not to touch the treadmill. I've answered dozens of preschooler questions during my workouts. Now our kids are older and walk or run on the treadmill themselves. Try these ideas to make it fun:

  • watch tv (Dr. Dave's favorite)
  • watch movies (my favorite)
  • listen to music

WEAR A PEDOMETER (also fun to wear around the house). Dr. Dave's grandpa used to wear a pedometer and make sure he walked 5 miles every day; if he was short of his goal, he got on his treadmill in the evening.

  • listen to audio books
  • listen to podcasts or music
  • talk on the phone

WALK OUTDOORS. Always a great option; it's like recess.

INTERVALS (that's walking faster, slowing down, and repeating). This is my favorite form of walking now. Intervals are supposed to burn more calories than exercising at the same speed - that sounds good!

WALKING TRACK. Your local YMCA will likely have a walking track. Some schools and colleges have a track open to the public.

MALL WALKING. If you don't have a walking track available (for free, especially), the mall is a great option. Some malls let people come in before opening hours to walk in the main hallways.

WALK WITH A FRIEND. This is one of the best ideas because your walking partner helps keep you accountable and it's fun.

WALK WITH YOUR KIDS (remember safety first). Options range from walking with a stroller, kids on bikes, and joining other moms.

WALK YOUR DOG. Essential for the physical health of many pets and great for your health, too.


  • wear a pedometer
  • set a timer
  • useful in getting babies to sleep or easing fussiness (I walked miles on our carpet with our kids)
how to enjoy walking

The Facts about Walking
From Dr. Dave

Calories Burned while Walking

It depends on a person's weight and speed. A good general rule of thumb is 100 calories per mile - whether walking or running. But a 175 pound person, walking at 3 mph will burn 250 calories in 1 hour. Give or take.

What should you do? Build a habit of exercise into your life then start to tweak your diet (see C¹ - Use Breakfast to eat Healthy Grain Carbs). The calories will take care of themselves! They do for us.

Health Benefits of Walking

Exercise, walking in particular, is very beneficial to health. It burns calories, reduces weight, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces joint pain and mitigates stress - to just list a few. You get these benefits without a lot of potential risk for injury. It is easy to do - all you need are some good shoes and a place to walk. Find a friend to keep you accountable and even go with you. Try to walk briskly for 45 minutes. Start with fewer minutes if you need to. Try to walk at least 5 days a week.

Our Walking Story

For 18 years, my husband and I walked together. When we were dating, Dave didn't really like to exercise. But I liked to work out and he liked to spend time with me, so we walked. We started our married life in the downtown of a large city. He still thought walking was boring, but exploring the city wasn't - so we walked.

Slowly, we created a routine of walking together.

After awhile, exercise starts to get under your skin. Endorphins are released in your brain, and your muscles (which you've built) like to be used. Eventually, a daily walk became part of our routine. It can take time - that's ok. You have your whole life to learn to enjoy exercising, and it will happen.

By the time we had babies to push in strollers (and that's a good cure for fussiness), we started to walk more! We graduated to kids on bikes and then to kids walking with us. We've done it all, and it keeps changing yearly.

Dr. Dave decided one day to start jogging. I could never get him to jog before this! At first, he couldn't run 50 yards. Fast forward to now - he has finished three marathons! And how did it start - with a little habit of walking.Then lose weight walking.

Where will your adventure take you?

CRUNCH TIME: UNLEASH the Secret of Exercise
Lose Weight Walking

Timeline: Give yourself a month for U - UNLEASH the Secret of Exercise - Lose Weight Walking.

Do: Make walking a habit. Start with 15-minute walks and build up to 30 minutes or more.

More Tips: Put encouraging "Walk" post-it notes on your mirror, in your planner, on your refrigerator. Also, see the tips above.

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Have A Great Tip or Success Story about Walking?

We can Lose Weight Walking. Share your story! Your idea could really help and encourage someone else . . .

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