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This Free List of Low Cholesterol Foods may surprise you. For example, there's no cholesterol in sugar or french fries!

There are a lot of misconceptions about which foods have cholesterol. It couldn't be simpler.

Animal products DO have cholesterol.

EXAMPLES - Meat, fish, bacon, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, cream. Exceptions - egg whites and yogurt don't have cholesterol.

Plant products DO NOT have cholesterol.

EXAMPLES - Vegetables, fruit, coconut, cooking oil, shortening, sugar, honey, nuts, grains.

Bread (most breads - even white bread) does not have cholesterol.

What about baked sweets? Sugar and white four don't have cholesterol, but eggs and butter do. So, angel food cake is cholesterol-free, but custard ice creams and creme brulee are loaded with cholesterol.

It's not hard to find foods to avoid high cholesterol . . .

reduce your cholesterol

List of Low Cholesterol Foods

Cholesterol Foods

*all plant-based food

ALL vegetables

ALL fruit

ALL nuts

ALL grains
wheat (whole wheat or white flour)
*any grain

Corn Syrup
*any sweetener made from plants

Olive Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil
Sesame Oil
Vegetable Oil
Coconut Oil (even though it has saturated fat)
*any oil made from a plant source

Egg whites


Cholesterol Foods

*low fat animal products

Lean meats:
Chicken without skin
Turkey without skin
Lean beef
Lean processed meats (lunch meat, hotdogs, turkey bacon, etc.)
Lean pork cuts (pork chops)

Lower fat cheeses:
Mozzarella cheese
Parmesan cheese
*read food labels to find out the fat content and cholesterol level

Lower fat milk
Skim milk
1% milk

HIGHER Cholesterol Foods

Higher fat meats:
Juicy hamburgers
Beef with more marbling and fat
Higher fat pork cuts (bacon, ribs)
Chicken with skin (fried chicken)
Turkey with skin

Egg yolks

Whole milk
2% milk
Cream cheese
Cheese, higher fat

Foods that REDUCE Cholesterol

Besides avoiding cholesterol, you can eat foods that actually lower your cholesterol:

  • High FIBER Foods
  • Grains that aren't highly processed
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nuts

Your body cannot function without cholesterol. It's actually good for you. You make your own cholesterol, no matter what you eat.

But too much cholesterol and saturated fat can cause blockages in your blood vessels. Not good.

Use your List of Low Cholesterol Foods to make better eating choices. Happily, we have a lot of cholesterol-free choices.

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