List of Healthy Snacks
NEVER Be Hungry Again

Our personal list of healthy snacks is yours . You'll also find more - whole grain snacks, 100 calorie snacks, even vending machine snacks.

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Snacks are the tool to NEVER be hungry again. Did you think snacks were off limits when you're losing weight? Actually snacks are essential to your weight loss.

Contrary to what you've been taught ever since you were a child, you SHOULD and MUST snack - several times a day. Yeah, this is my favorite step in learning to maintain a healthy weight. I think it will be yours, too.

What makes a "good" snack?

  • A protein and carbohydrate (like an apple and peanut butter)
  • Something with fiber
  • Anything, but keep it under 200 calories

Are you surprised at that last one? I was. It's actually better to eat every 2-3 hours, even if it isn't the "healthiest" snack. But it's always BEST to eat something healthy. See the difference between good and best?

Why combine a protein and carbohydrate for a snack? It's like a 2-part long-lasting medicine - the outer coating gives instant effect and the inside is a longer lasting medicine. The carb gives you fast energy but the protein lasts until you eat again.

Free List of Healthy Snacks

Print out these snacks. Highlight your favorites, make notes, be inspired to create your own favorites.

Here are my favorite everyday snacks:

apple and cheese healthy snack

Apple and piece of cheese

healthy snack of apple and peanut butter honey dip

Apple and dip (peanut butter and honey)

healthy snack of yogurt and granola with honey

Granola over plain greek yogurt (a little honey mixed in, berries are even better)

healthy snack of a half sandwich with peanut butter and banana

1/2 banana sandwich - one slice whole wheat bread, half a banana, peanut butter

healthy snack of breakfast cereal

Dry cereals - my favorite Kashi ones

healthy snack of granola bars

Kashi granola bars

healthy snack of nuts

Almonds or other nut mix

healthy snack of popcorn

Microwave popcorn - low fat varieties

healthy snack of a small dessert

Small desserts (Yes, it's true. During the holidays I overdo this one, too, but I still maintain my weight.) Dark chocolate is one of the best desserts.

list of healthy snacks

Packing a snack whenever I left the house was a new habit I had to learn.

Other great snacks:

  • Veggies and dip (try to make your own dip, use part greek yogurt)
  • Ranch dip with carrots, broccoli or cauliflower
  • Celery stick with peanut butter
  • Half a sandwich
  • Leftovers - in smaller proportions than a full meal
  • Chips and salsa - if you get higher calorie chips, then eat fewer of them
  • Cheese and crackers - several, not a bunch
  • Sun Chips - best to rebag these in ziploc snack bags to keep from eating too many
  • Fruit Loops cereal - This surprised me. There is a decent amount of fiber in them now. Barely acceptable, but still acceptable. The kids love it, so I get it once in a great while.
  • Cheese stick
  • Almonds


The morning I woke up knowing I had to eat every 2-3 hours, I was so excited.

Have you seen the Food Lovers Fat Loss infomercials on tv? I'd been looking for a new source of healthy recipes (I'm always on the lookout for new family favorites). This system was just a little cheaper than other ones I'd researched on the internet.

So I ordered Food Lovers Fat Loss.

Snacking (eating every 2-3 hours) is a major part of Food Lovers Fat Loss. Why? Because when you go longer without eating, your body thinks you are entering a starving situation. And your body has a great survival tactic - take what you just ate and store as much of it as possible as fat. Whoa!

When you eat every 2-3 hours your body keeps a HIGHER METABOLISM, so you burn fat instead of storing it. What's the catch? You can't eat like a pig - you end up eating smaller meals and appropriate snacks every 2-3 hours. That's the key.

This was an unexpected blessing for me because I get hypoglycemic (low blood sugar - making me grumpy and sometimes exhausted). My husband, Dr. Dave, brought home medical information saying I should be eating smaller meals and snacks in between. That alone wasn't enough to break what my culture had been telling me my whole life (that I should be eating 3 square meals and nothing else). It took the fantastic Food Lovers Fat Loss information to change my mind.

I also wondered why after making a super healthy dinner for our family, we were all hungry later that night. We're supposed to be! And we're supposed to eat a snack - it can even be dessert. :)

I wish everyone had the Food Lovers Fat Loss information in their homes - I heartily recommend buying it as an investment in your health.

Snacking Advice
from Dr. Dave

I recommend snacking between meals in order to lose weight.

Generally, I think that 100 or so calories at a time is appropriate. This seems to lessen hunger for those larger meals of the day and keep the metabolism going strong. It also helps maintain blood glucose levels so that the body does not start to conserve calories.

If you are hungry - go ahead and eat something. It is the right thing to do.

Pack a Snack

Whenever I leave the house, I've learned to pack a snack. I usually grab a granola bar. When I'm really good, I stick an apple and piece of cheese in a ziploc bag. Or if I've really planned ahead, I have snack bags portioned with sunchips, cereal, or homemade snack mix.

When I'm out without a snack or need another one, I resort to eating part of a candy bar (staying under 200 calories).

100 calorie snacks:

Get any of these in your grocery snack aisle, but keep in mind that most of them don't have much fiber (or nutrition) and won't be as satisfying. But there is a place for prepackaged 100 calorie snacks.

These came in handy on our last vacation. We kept them in the rental car and made sure we ate every 2-3 hours. The 100 calories packs kept us from overeating. We made it through the vacation with lots of traveling without gaining weight.

I also keep a box of these snacks for the drive home after skiing. Think of your own activities and how a 100 calorie snack would come in handy.

Whole Grain Snacks:

  • Half sandwiches - use 100% whole grain breads, tortillas, bagels, or english muffins
  • Toast - one slice with your favorite topping (spread "generously thin")
  • Whole grain crackers: Kashi, Multigrain Wheat Thins, Triscuit (if you like them). See what your grocery store offers. When you look at the list of ingredients, the first (and most plentiful) ones should be "whole grain"
  • Whole wheat tortilla with a modest filling (so many options - cheese, salsa, veggies, a little meat, even peanut butter) This one has never worked out for me, but it might be perfect for you.
  • Popcorn - I like lowfat microwave popcorn

Vending Machine Snacks:

You may need one of these if you haven't packed your own snack. Since vending machine snacks vary widely, here are some guidelines:

First, look for a product with actual food in it.

  • I get a Snickers Bar or PayDay because of the peanuts.
  • Sun Chips are usually the best choice for chips.
  • A trail mix can be good, but sometimes these are as bad as candy bars.
  • Steer clear of pastries which are usually sopping with oil.

Second, choose something close to the 200 calories limit; otherwise you should discipline yourself to only eat part of it (hard to do). Or throw away part of it before you start eating (also hard). You will slowly learn the calories of your favorite items; I have.

You will begin to shape your own list of healthy snacks to fit your schedule and tastes - even from a vending machine.

CRUNCH TIME: NEVER Be Hungry Again with your
List of Healthy Snacks

Print out this page. Mark it up. Add your own great ideas to create a personal List of Healthy Snacks.

Go to the grocery. Shop for healthy snacks. Start reading labels, looking for the whole grain ingredients first in the list.

portion size for healthy snack, ziploc snack bag

Buy ziploc snack bags - they are a little smaller than a sandwich bags. You can create your own appropriately sized snacks from cereal, crackers, Sun Chips, etc. I do this sometimes; I wish I did it more because it adds to my choices of on-the-go snacks. It also teaches your kids a good portion size.

Also, click here to find a template of what to eat each day - with spaces for your list of healthy snacks.

Make MOST of your snacks wonderfully tasty and healthy. Go Snack!

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Tips & Success Stories: List of Healthy Snacks

What are your "go-to" snacks? Your ideas could really help and encourage someone else . . .

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