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You can do this!

Your List of Healthy Food will jump start and propel you to healthier habits and losing weight.

Every week I keep working on our eating habits - always trying to make them a bit better. It's an ongoing process, and it can be a fun one, too. So many delicious foods can help us lose weight, feel better, have more energy, and even lift our mood.

list of healthy food

Let's use common sense; this is easy!

  • Vegetables - all of them, fresh, canned or frozen
  • Fruits - all of them
  • Grain - all of them in "whole" form (like 100% whole wheat bread)
  • Legumes (beans) - all of them
  • Meat - lean portions of all of them
  • Fish - all of them
  • Fats - those which are liquid at room temperature are better, although even butter and cream have nutrition (use in moderation)
  • Eggs - in moderation
  • Herbs and Spices - all of them
  • Dairy - choose no fat or lower fat products: skim milk, no fat greek yogurt, hard low-fat cheeses
  • Breads - brown (which include the bran and "germ" of the grain) or acidic breads like sourdough

List of Healthy Food
Go One Step Further:

Knowing which foods are healthy is easy; developing a taste for them and finding recipes you love can be incredibly difficult.

We have lots of free recipes for you. Add them to your list of healthy food.

We have another way to help you. It's our own Free Plan. It will change your life, one little step at a time.

Foods to avoid
(or at least limit):

How many of these are part of your regular eating habits?

  • Fried Foods - like chips, french fries, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, fried appetizers
  • Meat with lots of saturated fat- very fatty cuts of red meat - very juicy hamburgers, heavily marbled steaks, bacon (limit it - who wants to totally give up bacon?!?)
  • Fats - those which are solid at room temperature
  • Dairy - high fat cheeses, full fat milk, limit butter
  • Breads - white bread, breads low in fiber
  • Pre-fab foods in the freezer section - vegetables with high fat sauces, garlic bread, entrees, fried chicken & nuggets
  • Soft drinks, high fat coffees, high calorie smoothies, juice "cocktails" full of sugar
  • Foods made in factories that are full of fat and sodium and low in fiber & nutrition
  • Sweets & Desserts - in moderation

Moderation in Everything.

More Lists
of Healthy Foods

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Establish Boundaries for your Eating

Make some standards for yourself. Establish boundaries that you don't (or rarely) cross. Here are mine - I RARELY buy:

  1. Soft drinks
  2. White bread (unless it's sourdough)
  3. Anything from the potato chip aisle
  4. Entrees and garlic bread from the frozen food section

The best thing you can do for yourself is to cook your own food on a regular basis.  Take control of what's in your food.

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