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You've found the Latest Weight Loss News from Google and Bing. It's nice to have them on the same page. These news articles are downloaded fresh each time your come to this page.

If you're like me, you keep your eyes and ears open all the time to weight loss articles. Since I constantly fine tune our family's healthy lifestyle, I'm always filtering the latest trends through what I already know - and know that actually works. I bet you do the same thing.

Have fun searching for great weight loss tips, even in articles you won't remember later. Your self-help habits will go far in helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle and lasting weight loss.


Now what do you do with all this news? Do you incorporate it into your life or dismiss it? What was true and what was hype? What news came from a good study and which came from a flawed one?

The knowledge we've accumulated and used in our lives is all outlined on this website.

Check out Our Free Plan. It's a common sense, do-it-yourself (and make it stick) plan for losing weight and keeping it off. It outlines the habits our family has slowly accumulated in our lifestyle.

But you don't have to take years to figure out all these weight loss tips; you can learn it all now and incorporate it into your life in a few months (we like to take our time in building a habit that will last - that's realistic, after all).

As you, too, gently add these habits into your life, the weight will drop off. And then when you splurge (for instance, during holidays), you'll fall back into your new habits and the weight will fall off you!

Keep on top the Latest Weight Loss News.

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