Jenny Craig Review

Our Jenny Craig review lists the pros and cons of this weight loss program.

You will meet with a consultant (or talk to one on the phone) weekly to set up your menus. They coach you in good life habits, including exercise and eating out healthily. Their goal is to move you off their Jenny Craig diet plan and on to your own healthy eating.

You've probably noticed lots of Jenny Craig advertisements on tv using celebrity endorsements.

You won't find any mention of membership levels, contracts, or the costs of food on their website. They want you to call them to get a sales pitch. If you have an excellent consultant, your experience will be good, but there are many reviews out there to the contrary. Complaints range from stingy and hard-to-get refunds, overweight consultants, and more sales pitches than helpful life-changing advice.

Food costs approximately $100-150 per week. And, like Nutrisystem, you're supposed to supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables. The Jenny Craig frozen meals taste better than the vacuumed packed ones, but they're also more expensive. Some people end up going to the less tasty meals to save money. For the customer who wants the "weight loss food in the mail" system, Nutrisystem is cheaper overall and has less hassles (although the same taste).


  • support from a personal consultant
  • convenience of pre-packaged food


  • focus on sales pitch
  • pre-packaged food taste
  • customer service problems
  • hidden costs
  • about $600 per month

To summarize our Jenny Craig review, I would not discourage you from trying their plan. You can experience eating proper portions, and hopefully your consultant helps you start eating well on your own. That is the key - did you make your own permanent changes to your lifestyle?

House Call from Dr. Dave - What is his opinion?

In one "company funded" study, Jenny Craig dieters lost and kept off on average of 15 pounds over 2 years.

I like this program because it gives each person individualized attention from a counselor. It also uses prepackaged food but tries to transition its clients to locally purchased food over time.

Unfortunately, in smaller locations there might not be a local center - so without a lengthy drive, the program would be online only.

*This review is our opinion only. We are not affiliated with any weight loss companies in any way and do not receive money or products from them. You've probably noticed we're most in favor of losing weight by making a series of small permanent changes in your lifestyle (which would be approved by your doctor).

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