Jello Dessert Recipes
Low-Fat Fun!

Jello Dessert Recipes are friendly to your waist line and easy to make. Get 4 free jello dessert recipes! See which one works for your lifestyle.

We tried (and failed) at a lot of Jello desserts.

Jello with Cool Whip is always a winner. You can make it healthier and much more satisfying by adding berries, which are full of fiber and nutrition.

Jello Cake, sometimes called Poke Cake, is easy and loved by kids. You can make it more sophisticated by converting it to a Lemon Cake. It turns out mild enough to still keep the kids in your life happy (and the adults, too).

jell-o dessert parfait

Dazzling Jell-O Parfait

 Don't be fooled by this basic assembly of ingredients. This is a simpler and healthier version of the strawberry pretzel dessert.

one step layered jell-o dessert

One-Step Layered Jello Dessert

Get three layers with only one step. Really easy!

This a variation on the Magic Mousse recipe found on many jello boxes. My favorite berry for this recipe was raspberries. They have a wonderful texture in this creamy dessert.

one step layered jell-o dessert

You can also make this dessert in a bowl or pyrex dish - great for carry-ins for a make-ahead-dessert for home.

lemon jell-o dream cake

Lemon Jello Dream Cake

Try this delicious, mild lemon cake.

lemon jell-o poke cake

Lemon Jello Poke Cake

Turn a kid-favorite into a grown-up dessert. (The kids will still like it, too!)

A white cake mix works better with this recipe so you can see the lemon jello better.

Is Jello Healthy?

Jell-O has become our generic term for "gelatin."

Gelatin is made natually from cow and pig skin, bones, and other stuff (I'll let you look it up. Frankly, most people would rather not know.) Gelatin consists largely of proteins. It's not a great source of protein, though.

It thickens or "gels" foods in which it is added. It's not only used in foods but many products we use daily, like medicine and cosmetics.

Is gelatin healthy? Here are some supposed health benefits (according to Wikipedia):

• improvement in skin
• improvement in hair
• improvement in fingernails and toenails
• relieving joint pain and arthritis
• reducing stiffness from workouts
• healing ulcers

Whether it does those things or not, jello desserts taste great!

Add some fun into your day with Jello Desserts!

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