Healthy Dessert Recipes
Eat Dessert Every Day

Healthy Dessert Recipes make dieting manageable - and make you SUCCESSFUL in losing weight and keeping it off. You have to give yourself a break and be able to enjoy the sweets of life.

piece of healthy pumpkin pie

Healthy Pumpkin Pie

Our Healthy Pumpkin Pie Recipe elevates a loved classic to wonderfully healthy, and it keeps all the flavor you expect. But don't just add it to your healthy Thanksgiving recipes; treat your family and friends all year with this super pie.

Healthy Brownie Recipe

A great healthy brownie recipe allows you to live a fit, healthy lifestyle and still enjoy dessert. Add some nutrition to your favorite brownies. We like putting walnuts on top these brownies. Walnuts are high in omega-3 fats, which are healthy for your body and brain. But for your friends who can't do nuts, they can still enjoy the rest of the brownie.

Easter Cake Cutous

Easter Dessert Recipes

Keep Easter sweet without packing on the pounds. Here's a hint - think bunnies. Still have fun celebrating with Easter Dessert Recipes. Find 4 recipes for your Easter table. I have given up on cut-out sugar cookies, so I really like these cake cut-outs. They are much easier and have no butter. Need chocolate for Easter? The Chocolate Easter Bundt Cake is beautiful and doesn't need icing. Carrot cake is fun for Easter, and you can choose from two variations.

Jello Dessert Recipe

I LOVE this Jello Dessert Recipe. It's breakfast, but it's so good you can eat it as a dessert. It's a great way to eat yogurt and granola. Many dieters get discouraged because yogurt (even greek yogurt) just doesn't taste that great on it's own. I like to think of yogurt as an ingredient, not a stand-alone dish. This jello recipe is a super-tasty way to eat your healthy yogurt.

Jello Dessert Recipes

Low calorie and fat free, Jello brings a sweet end to any meal. It's so easy to make and we feel like kids again. Get a new twist with these Jello Dessert Recipes. Jello and fruit are a super combination and a deliciously healthy dessert. My daughter keeps asking me to make the layered jello dessert (I need to make it more often). And jello cake is one of my favorites.

Fruit Dessert Recipes

Feel satisfied and guilt-free with delicious Fruit Dessert Recipes. Tired of your "apple a day?" Spice up your dessert repertoire with healthy fruit. Elevate your fruit crisp by adding a variety of berries. The Buttermilk Creams give you a rich dessert without all the fat and calories. And speaking of rich desserts, the Rich Cakes get their flair from ground nuts, full of healthy fat and wonderful flavor.

Apple Dessert Recipes

Take advantage of year round crispy apples available in our groceries. Apple Dessert Recipes keep you healthy and satisfy your sweet tooth. Remember "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Although it's great to snack on an apple every day, baking them gives your great variety in your healthy dessert recipes.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Celebrate with Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes that will keep your waist trimmer. Have a feast without the guilt. Nothing is better than a pumpkin dessert - it's a super-vegetable, after all! Pick from mini-muffins or a pumpkin trifle. The Cranberry-Spice Bundt Cake is a great way to enjoy your cranberries for the holiday. And find the ultimate mouth-watering sugar cookie dessert.

Valentine Dessert Recipes

Want rich and delicious Valentine Dessert Recipes? Honor your loved ones with a fantastic, homemade treat from healthy dessert recipes. Instead of a box of chocolates, express your love with Fudgy Heart Cookies. Or the Apples and Caramel dip have a secret to make your heart sing. Turtle Waffles are fast to make but don't leave out flavor. Red Velvet Hot Cake is the ultimate dessert for two. Bonus - Happiness Cake that really delivers!

Do not live without desserts - Enjoy Healthy Dessert Recipes!

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