Healthy Cake Recipes
Don't Give Up Cake!

Healthy Cake Recipes make changing your diet a sweet task! Don't give up cake - learn how to do dessert better.

My philosophy was to go the whole grain route. Whole grain flours are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Fiber fills you up - so you eat less cake, you feel full longer, and you get all the cancer-preventing benefits of fiber.

My recipes were adapted from the Whole Grain Baking Cookbook. What a find!

WeightCruncher LOVES This Cookbook

You can't just substitute whole wheat flour in baking and have it turn out. Have you had as many failures as I have?

The King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking Cookbook ran thousands of test recipes to come up with this treasure.

I had no idea you could make cakes with whole grains and have them taste as good as regular cakes!

I highly, highly recommend this cookbook. So glad I found it for my family. This changes dessert forever!

Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Take everyone's favorite cake and make it healthy - without them even knowing it. How would you like to celebrate birthdays with no guilt from the dessert? Feed your friends and family a rich, delicious cake filled with whole grains. This recipe uses whole wheat pastry flour and a generous amount of cocoa. It tastes great.

Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

Does anyone think carrot cake is actually healthy? Now you can. Bake a rich and healthy carrot cake that still delivers lightness. Learn secrets for healthier toppings, too. This recipe uses whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour.

Healthy Pumpkin Cake Recipe

We should eat more pumpkin! It's a king of the vegetable world (or fruit, depending on your definition). With pumpkin easily available all year, bake a light pumpkin cake that will keep you full! This is one of my favorites. It uses barley flour and whole wheat flour. Barley flour is light with a mild flavor which works well in whole grain baking.

Healthy Banana Cake Recipe

I now have a Healthy Banana Cake recipe for when I need to "use up" bananas. This may be my favorite healthy cake. It's a nice departure from banana bread, too. This recipe also uses barley flour and whole wheat flour.

Healthy Cake Recipes mean you can raise your standard for eating desserts while not sacrificing taste.

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