Fruit Dessert Recipes
They're "berry" good!

Fruit Dessert Recipes liven up any season. Find a treasure of great tested recipes. Use frozen or fresh fruit and whip up a lovely end to a healthy meal.

Do you think dessert is off-limits when you're trying to lose weight and keep it off? When we eat fruit desserts, we don't gain weight. A dessert with fruit as the main ingredient is a way-of-life habit to keep.

fruit crisp recipe

Tangy Fruit Crisp

Combining more than one type of fruit takes your crisp from good to stellar. Using whole wheat flour adds nutrition and fiber and is a good counterpoint to the sweetness of the fruit and topping.

Frozen fruit works just as well as fresh fruit! It's very easy to keep fruit in the freezer and be able to quickly make this tasty fruit dessert.

I've found that we can eat this dessert and not gain weight (or continue to lose weight). Also, feel free to top with real whipped cream.

buttermilk creams with fresh fruit recipe

Buttermilk Creams with Fresh Fruit

Garnish these lovely creams with your best fresh fruit and favorite vanilla cookies.

The reduced fat buttermilk cuts calories and gives the creams a wonderful balance. I am finding that gelatin pairs so well with ingredients like buttermilk and yogurt.

On hot summer days, you can whip up this heavenly dessert without turning on the oven. It's refreshing and invigorating with fresh fruit added.

banana cream pie recipe

Dreamy Banana Cream Pie

Using fat-free sweetened condensed milk cuts the fat but not the flavor of this creamy, sweet pie.

You can make it extra special by using vanilla bean seeds instead of vanilla extract.

Bananas are available year round at the grocery store, so just by keeping some sweetened condensed milk and graham crackers in your pantry, you have access to a spectacular dessert. Doesn't this take you back to your favorite episodes of Gilligan's Island?? We all wanted a taste of those coconut and banana cream pies. Now you can!

You can alter this recipe by adding coconut. Keep the bananas or leave them out.

rich nut cakes with fruit recipe

Rich Cakes with Fruit

Not only are these cakes rich and delicious, half the white flour is replaced by grinding nuts into your own flour - using your food processor or coffee grinder. Easy.

You can vary this recipe many times by changing the nuts and fruit combinations.

Frozen fruit can easily be substituted for fresh berries. You can enjoy these wonderful little cakes in winter just as much as summer.

*Pictured are pistachios with raspberries and pecans with blueberries

Elevate your lifestyle with decadent Fruit Dessert Recipes.

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