Free Diet Journal
Wow - Choose from 7!

Free Diet Journal - 7 of them! Print out these tools and use them to help in your weight loss.

Changing a habit is hard. Let's face it. Anything you can use to make that process easier is great.

My favorite Free Diet Journal is the first one - the templates with plates. Not only can you record what you eat, but you have a guide that shows what we should be eating - without counting calories.

Eat every 2-3 Hours and Lose Weight

Establishing better eating habits couldn't be easier when you use this template.

No counting calories! Your meals and snacks are outlined - just fill them in throughout the day. Tips about portion sizes and snack ideas are also included.

This is the perfect companion for Step 6 of Our Free Plan to lose weight.

Based on USDA's "My Plate"

Did you know the Food Pyramid is old news? The USDA has replaced it with new eating guidelines in the form of "My Plate."

I was excited because this is almost exactly like our recommendations in Our Free Plan.

This is a much easier way to restructure our eating. You don't have to count calories, fat, carbs - nothing. Just fill in the plates.

Track Your Nutrition

A traditional form for recording your eating. If you need to keep track of your calories, fat, carbs or fiber grams - this is your journal. Also, record your exercise.

Chart Your Weight Loss

It's fun to make a chart of your weight loss (either by day or week) and see it go down, down, down!

A friendly word of caution: don't worry about a few "ups." It's a reality of life for weight to go up or down a couple pounds depending on the day.

Just keep working on your new eating and exercise habits, and you'll see that weight fall down to a nice level - then stay there.

Daily List

Do you love lists? Do they keep you on track and make you feel successful when you complete them?

This journal allows you to list all your meals, snacks, exercise and even how many hours you slept.

If you're an emotional eater, this form will help you identify when that happens and make goals to be better tomorrow.

Daily Diary

With lots of flexibility, this journal lets you decide what to record for the day. Only what's important to you gets written down.

Very adaptable.

Blank Copy of Daily Eating Template

Once you learn HOW to eat each day, you may want a journal without the eating tips.

A clean-looking guide for eating to lose weight.

Use these free diet journal tools to help you make new eating and exercise habits.

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