Foods to Avoid High Cholesterol
So Simple!

Discover foods to avoid high cholesterol. It's remarkably simple to learn;
but most people find them harder to actually avoid. You can do both with this information.


Which foods have the highest cholesterol?

Here are the foods to avoid high cholesterol. (But remember, 75% of your cholesterol is made by your body, and you have no control over that, except with medication.)

Higher fat meats (usually) have more cholesterol.

• Bacon
• Beef, fattier cuts with more marbling
• Pork, fattier cuts like bacon and ribs
• Hamburger containing higher fat (i.e. juicy hamburgers)
• Salami
• Pepperoni
• White meats with skin, like chicken and turkey

Dairy products containing higher fat content have more cholesterol:

• Cream
• Whole Milk and 2% Milk
• Cream cheese with higher fat
• Cheese with higher fat - like cheddar, american, monterey jack cheeses
• Butter
• Lard


2 EXCEPTIONS - egg whites and yogurt have no cholesterol

A lot of people don't know this. Now you do.

Choose Meat and Dairy with Lower Cholesterol

Meat and dairy products with lower fat have less cholesterol. You can still enjoy these foods by choosing ones with less fat.

• White meat with lower fat and skin removed, like chicken, turkey, pork chops or pork tenderloin
• Fish
• Beef, lean cuts (less marbling)
• Hamburger with less fat
• Many lunch meats and processed meats have less fat, like lunch meat, hot dogs, turkey bacon or sausage

• Lower fat cream cheese (sometimes called "neufchatel" which is 1/3 less fat)
• Lower fat cheese, like mozzarella and parmesan
• Lower fat milk, like skim (fat free) and 1% milk

• Eggs and cholesterol are a bit of an exception. They are high in cholesterol (not so good) but low in saturated fat (good).

Lower Your Cholesterol

Plant products have NO CHOLESTEROL

Foods and ingredients made from plant sources are cholesterol-free.

• Sugar
• Honey
• Oils
• Nuts
• Grains
• Coconut
• Vegetables
• Fruits

1. Exercise

Exercise lowers your bad (LDL) cholesterol and raises your good (HDL) cholesterol.

2. Eat high fiber foods:

Grains that aren't highly processed, like old fashioned oats

High fiber foods help you in 2 ways. They can actually lower your bad cholesterol. Also, these foods don't have any cholesterol, so you're not adding cholesterol to your system.

3. Eat foods with Omega-3 fatty acids:

Nuts, like walnuts
Some oils - like walnut, flaxseed, canola, olive, and soybean oils

That all sounds good, but how do I change my diet??

egg and chick

Change what you like to eat - one, small step at a time.

We have lots of recipes to help you:

Chicken Recipes
Quick Dinners

Also, make an investment of 6 months in yourself.

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It's incredibly simple to understand foods to avoid high cholesterol.

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