Foods High in Sodium -
Limit them to feel better

common foods high in sodium

Discover foods high in sodium. Once we learn to avoid them, we'll lower our sodium and have a healthier diet.

Good eating leads to weight loss!

Where are we getting most of our high sodium food?

1) Processed food
2) Restaurant food

Fresh food is low in sodium. If we made all our food, we wouldn't have to watch our sodium.

Easier said than done, right??

Find a list of low sodium foods here.

Also, find your daily recommended sodium intake.

Grocery Items High in Sodium

I wish I could list every high sodium product in your grocery store, but the list would change every day! And products vary quite a bit, even by the same manufacturer.

It's still good to know what KIND OF FOODS, in general, are high in sodium. Then we can find better versions and keep checking the sodium levels. Luckily, food makers and restaurants are offering better and better options for us.

• Box mixes - like macaroni & cheese

• Instant mashed potatoes

• Boxed mix or canned pasta

• Prepared rice

• Some soups - varies widely, even among the same brand

• Soy sauce

• Ketchup

• Canned or boxed broth - even reduced sodium varieties

• Some processed meats - like lunch meats, hot dogs, hams

• Some frozen meals/entrees

• Some frozen pizzas

Restaurant Food High in Sodium

In general (there are always exceptions*):
Bar and grill restaurants are usually higher in sodium than fast food.

Usually High:
• Entrees
• Fried meats
• Big hamburgers
• Breakfast

You can get nutrition facts for lots of restaurants. Either find them on a restaurant's website or get restaurant/fast food apps for your phone. You can make the best choice possible after you research the sodium in the food offered.

*There are many restaurants making wonderful, fresh food that would be low in sodium. I hope you have one near you!

You can avoid Foods High in Sodium
Let's eat better, feel great, and maintain a good weight!

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