Eggs and Cholesterol -
Find out why they're still healthy

Eggs and cholesterol go together, but it doesn't mean we should completely avoid them. Find out how much cholesterol is in an egg and how many eggs per week should you be eating. Get answers about egg yolk cholesterol.

egg and chick
egg and chick

Cholesterol in an Egg:

140 mg - small egg
165 mg - medium egg
185 mg - large egg
210 mg - extra large egg
235 mg - jumbo egg

Cholesterol is ONLY found in the egg yolk. If you just use the egg whites, they are cholesterol-free.

Doctors recommend eating foods with just 300 mg of cholesterol per day (or 200 mg if you have certain health problems, especially involving your heart, cholesterol levels, or diabetes).

Eggs are cholesterol-dense compared to other foods.

You can see that just one large egg with 185 mg of cholesterol takes up quite a bit of your daily cholesterol. For the rest of the day, be mindful of how much more cholesterol you are eating - that includes all animal products (except egg whites and yogurt).

For more nutrition facts about eggs, visit EggNutritionCenter. org

One Egg per Day

If you are healthy, the general recommendation from the medical community is to have one egg per day. (There are always exceptions! Are you an exception? Ask your medical doctor about eggs and cholesterol.)

If you have a 2-egg omelet, you've probably had all the cholesterol you need for the whole day! Where else would you be getting cholesterol? Meat, butter, milk, cheeses, creamer for coffee - any animal product.

So a breakfast with sausage, eggs, toast with butter, and milk or coffee with cream will put you over the edge in just one meal.

Should I avoid eating eggs?

Eggs are packed with nutrition. You also may be surprised to find out they contain GOOD fat.

Here are just a few benefits your body gets from eggs:

• nutrients good for eye health
• nutrients beneficial for memory
• antioxidants
• protein
• vitamins (even ones that prevent heart disease)
• minerals

Another good website to see the Nutrient Composition of Eggs is the American Egg Board.

Eggs are Low in Saturated Fats

Eggs rank up with white meats like chicken and fish for their low saturated fat content.

Eggs have saturated fat, but only 1-3 grams per egg.

The fats contained in eggs are approximately 1/4 unsaturated (good kind) and 3/4 saturated. (Unsaturated fat is liquid at room temperate. Saturated fat is solid at room temperature).

To prevent heart disease (which is why most people are lowering their cholesterol), it's very important to limit your saturated fat.


Saturated Fat



Pork Tenderloin

.7 - 3 g

65 mg

Chicken - no skin

.8 g

70 mg


1 g

55 mg


1.8 g

61 mg


2.5 g

63 mg


3 g (low)

185 mg (high)


4 g

75 mg



4-7 g

32-89 mg


3-8 g

71 mg

Hot Dog

5 g

45 mg


11 g

82 mg


15 g

68 mg

Are you a Hyper Responder?

It is generally believed that certain people respond differently to cholesterol and eggs according to their genetics.

Remember, 75% of your cholesterol is made by your own body. Only 25% comes from your food.

If you have a history of high cholesterol in your family, your body may take in more cholesterol from food than other people. (That's the simple, non-technical explanation) In that case, you need to be much more careful about limiting cholesterol.

I'm probably a hyper responder. My GOOD cholesterol is super high because I exercise consistently. That's great for my health. My BAD cholesterol is just a little high, maybe because my body keeps more cholesterol from my food. My husband, Dr. Dave, has basically the same lifestyle and has normal cholesterol levels.

Egg Beaters as a substitute for Eggs and Cholesterol

Many people use Egg Beaters as a replacement for whole eggs. What are they?

Egg whites
Natural coloring
Vitamins and minerals added back (from the lost yolks)

With the yolks removed, they take out all the fat and cholesterol.

Egg beaters won't act exactly like a whole egg in your cooking and baking, obviously, because they are just the egg whites.

You can still live a healthy lifestyle that includes eggs and cholesterol.

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