Easy Weight Loss for Teens

Easy Weight Loss for Teens - yes, it can be true!

Healthy Diet for Teens + some exercise = Weight Loss for Teenagers. Not a hard equation to solve . . .

What should I eat?

It's a lot easier than you think.

First, here's what NOT to do:

• go for long periods of time without food
• skip meals to save calories
• think that your worth as a person is tied to your weight

How to Be Smart about Teen Weight Loss

You're an intelligent person.

Your knowledge and attitude about losing weight will make a big difference . . .

How to Never Diet Again

Golden Rule: Decide to make permanent changes to your eating and exercise.

"Diets" make you restrict eating for a short time so you can lose weight.

Then you return to your regular eating, and, of course, gain the weight back.

Just make small changes, but decide to make them for good. Your weight will stay off permanently.

How to Stick with it

Timeline: Give yourself time to change. Really, what's the hurry?

I know you want the weight off as soon as possible (or maybe faster). We all do.

It takes time to build new habits. Give yourself a month for each change. Why not?

Don't crash and burn. Take it slow and be good to yourself.


Print this out and simply fill in the blanks to get the best eating schedule that will still make you lose weight.

Wait! What if you can't fit in those snacks during school hours??? No problem, then you can eat a little extra at the next meal. Luckily, you sit most of the time at school so skipping a snack isn't a big deal.

WHY?? EAT SNACKS? It doesn't quite make sense, does it? It seems like it would be better to skip as many calories as you can.

Actually, no. If your body thinks you are in a food shortage, it will do EVERYTHING possible to keep you alive. How? By socking away your next meal into FAT to keep you from starving (you're putting yourself into survival mode).

HOW DO YOU LOSE WEIGHT THEN? Trick your body. When you give it a smaller, steadier supply of food, it will use more of that food as energy and actually store less of it in fat. It thinks you are in a FOOD ABUNDANT time (which we are).

That means smaller meals with snacks. Your body is happy. It's ready to release the weight.


Keep your snacks around 200 calories. Find some good options for more snacks.

Good news: it's better to eat 200 calories of junk food than to skip the snack.

Why? Because you're keeping your blood sugar even, keeping your body from thinking it's starving, getting your stomach to adjust to smaller meals and snacks in between.


For meals, eat a protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable (or beans).

Protein = meat or beans
Carbohydrate = bread, white potatoes, rice, pasta
Vegetable = vegetables (like carrots, green beans, peas, salad, tomatoes, etc.) or beans

How much should you eat?

Whole Hand - Breads (usually one slice of bread or one whole bun).
Palm - Meats.
Fist - Veggies, Fruits, Pasta, Rice (useful for loose or bulky-shaped foods).
Fingertip - Fats, like butter.

Doesn't sound like enough? Don't worry because you'll be having a snack in just 2-3 hours.

What exercise should I do?

  • Do ANY kind of exercise. Really.

  • Exercise almost every day. Don't let this scare you - it can just be walking.

  • Once exercise becomes a habit, increase your intensity. Do more than one type of exercise (like weights, sports, exercise dvd's).


Especially if you're not in the habit of exercising, walking is the perfect way to start.

You can do it when you don't feel like exercising.It's cheap.Doesn't require a lot of equipment.You can walk indoors or outdoors.

Walking is easy weight loss for teens.


Once you establish the HABIT OF EXERCISING, you can go longer distances, exercise harder, try something new. Click here for more exercise ideas.


We think it's better to start slow and establish an exercise habit. But most people are in a hurry to lose weight.

Click here for a safe way to do that.

*If you find you can't keep it up, scale back your exercise - and don't feel bad about it. Who cares if it takes 6 months, a year, or 2 years? You have your whole life to get this habit set. Then you're ahead of most of the adults on the planet.

Try Easy Weight Loss for Teens
You'll be Successful

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