Crock Pot Dinner Recipes
For Busy People Losing Weight

Crock Pot Dinner Recipes - for free? Yeah! The only recipes that will appear here are ones that our kids LOVE. The slow cooker is my "best friend" on busy days when we finally tumble home and need to eat right away.

crock po

Melt the fat out? Yes, by cooking a piece of meat slowly over hours, the fat slowly melts right out. In fact, an inexpensive, marbled (that means lines of fat running through it) cut of meat is the perfect candidate for a crock pot meal. When you use leaner meats like chicken, you should cook it for shorter amounts of time (for instance, a half day instead of all day).

Do you have an extra freezer in your home? You can stock up when meat is on sale and be ready to have a roast beef any day. I like to order beef from my butcher - mostly hamburger, roasts, and a few good steaks. When a busy day sneaks up on me or I volunteer to take a meal to a friend, I can grab a roast and prepare a meal in about 15 minutes.

beef roast

Beef Roast

This classic tender roast is always a winner. You look like a gourmet cook when you serve this perfectly roasted meat.

beef stew

Beef Stew

Here it is - our family's #1 favorite recipe! It uses the leftovers from your beef roast. This beef stew warms you up inside and out. The secret is right in your pantry.

bbq sandwich

BBQ Sandwich

Great for company, and leftovers are popular. My family loves bbq, and this recipe easily makes a healthy meal.

make homemade broth in crock pot

Shredded Chicken & Homemade Broth

Use the shredded chicken from this recipe in sandwiches, quesadillas, and pasta recipes. The broth elevates your homemade soups and sauces.

More Ideas for Crock Pot Dinner Recipes

When dinner just has to be in shifts, these ideas work for us.

Make sloppy joe meat or taco meat. Keep warm in the slow cooker until dinner.

Sloppy Joe meat:
• 1 pound hamburger
• 1 can of Manwich Sloppy Joe sauce
• 1/4 cup salsa

Taco meat:
• 1 pound hamburger
• 1 taco spice packet (follow its directions)

These dinners are great when you have to leave for sporting and extracurricular events, then everyone comes home hungry.

Dinner from the slow cooker helps you be a Weight Cruncher!

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