Chicken Marinade Recipe
Make Dinner Taste Amazing

Spice up your life with a Chicken Marinade Recipe. Add a burst of flavor with very little fat. Even kids like a tangy marinated meat.

chicken marinade formula

Acid + Oil + Salt + Spices/Herbs = Marinade

Acid: Vinegar, Lemon, Lime, Yogurt, Wine, Juice, Soy Sauce
Oil: Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Canola Oil, etc.
Salt: Salt (also soy sauce)
Spices/Herbs: Too many to list! Fresh herbs in produce section, dried spices and herbs in baking aisle.

Heat: Chilies, Red Pepper Flakes, Hot Sauce, etc.
Sweet: Honey, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Maple Syrup, etc.

chicken fajita marinade

Fajita Marinade

This zesty marinade gets its punch from red wine vinegar and chili powder. If you'd like, substitute a fresh chili for the powder.

Grill or saute using these great flavors.

hawaiian chicken marinade

Hawaiian Chicken

My all-time favorite marinade is for Hawaiian Chicken. I recommend grilling skinless meat for this recipe.

caribbean chicken marinade recipe

Caribbean Marinade

Tangy lime and sweet honey makes this a crowd-pleaser. The flavors are "just right" even for a child's palate. No more boring chicken!

teriyaki chicken marinade recipe

Teriyaki Marinade by Sara

Soy sauce gives this chicken a beautifully browned color when grilling. This recipe is a bit milder - a great one to have in your collection of family favorites.

brown sugar lemon chicken marinade recipe

Brown Sugar Lemon Marinade by Amanda

Lemon gives life to any dish. Pair it with brown sugar, and you have an instant hit. Also, lemons stay fresh in your refrigerator for quite awhile, so this is a convenient recipe when you haven't planned dinner.

Marinating Tips

Meat should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

Be extra careful and marinade your meats in the refrigerator.

Also, do you want to use the leftover marinade as a sauce? Then boil it for several minutes. Most of the time, I throw it away.

Another benefit of marinating meat is how it won't stick to your grill or skillet.

Let's make life easier and healthier with a Chicken Marinade Recipe!

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