Chicken and Pasta Recipes
Keep Everyone Happy

With healthy chicken and pasta recipes, you can eat pasta whenever you want with no guilt. Whole grain pasta and vegetables make these recipes filling and weight-loss friendly.

Many of these recipes are as good cold from the refrigerator as they are hot off the stove. All of them work very well as leftovers.

basil and yogurt chicken and pasta recipe

Basil and Yogurt Chicken and Pasta

You’re essentially adding yogurt to homemade pesto. It keeps in the refrigerator and can be used as a dip, sauce or topping. It’s my new favorite way to use basil grown on our porch in the summer.

In fact, you can use the extra sauce on the other recipes (see below). Add some as you're eating the pasta leftovers, and it freshens up and changes the dish.

homemade marinara on pasta with chicken recipe

Homemade Marinara on Pasta with Chicken

Wonderfully quick and full of flavor, this recipe can be made on the spur of the moment with long-lasting ingredients stocked in your kitchen.

You can add a lot of heat to this recipe by buying diced tomatoes canned with green chilis. I love this option. An added benefit - you had so much delicious flavor for lunch (or dinner) that it curbs your desire
for dessert.

Italian Stir Fry Recipe with Whole Grain Pasta

Italian Stir Fry

This is Dr. Dave's favorite pasta recipe. Sometimes his patients share vegetables from their gardens, and this is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh produce.

Tip: Assemble the ingredients first, then enjoy a quick and delicious recipe.

Fresh summer vegetables are great, but they're also widely available in the winter, too. The zucchini and peppers from our small-town grocery store are just as tasty in the winter as in the summer.

Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

Chicken Tetrazzini

You will make everyone happy with this comfort food recipe. Add a salad or even just carrot sticks as a side, and the meal will be filling and satisfying. It's a kid favorite!

Formula for Chicken and Pasta Stir Fry

Learning this simple stir fry "formula" will give you endless healthy options for dinner.

  1. Saute chicken, then set aside.
  2. Put pasta in to boil. At the same time, saute firm vegetables (peppers, summer squash, onions, etc.) with garlic.
  3. Mix it all together with a sauce of liquid (broth, cooking wine or citrus) and a salty cheese (parmesan or feta).

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