Carb Chart
Find Foods Low in Carbs

This Carb Chart lists the foods you want. Carbs are shown in quantities you would normally eat. Find foods low in carbs and change your eating for the better.

  • Search the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference carbohydrate information. We based our chart on their information but took out repetitions, put foods in categories (so they're easier to find) and adjusted some foods for normal portion size.

Carb Chart

Apple, dried32 g5 rings21
Apple, no skin110 g1 cup14
Applesauce, sweetened255 g1 cup45
Applesauce, unsweetened244g1 cup28
Apricot, raw35 g1 whole4
Apricot, dried18 g5 halves11
Banana118 g1 whole27
Blackberries72 g1/2 cup7
Blueberries73 g1/2 cup10
Blueberries, sweetened115 g1/2 cup25
Cantaloupe160 g1 cup13
Cherries, raw68 g10 cherries11
Dates25 g3 dates19
Figs38 g2 figs24
Grapefruit123 g1/2 fruit13
Grapes50 g10 grapes9
Honeydew melon170 g1 cup15
Kiwi76 g1 medium11
Mango207 g1 mango31
Nectarines136 g1 nectarine14
Papaya304 g1 papaya33
Peach98 g1 peach9
Pear166 g1 pear26
Pineapple47 g1 slice7
Raisins14 g1 packet11
Raspberries31 g1/4 cup4
Strawberries83 g1/2 cup6
Tangarine84 g1 tangerine11
Artichoke120 g1 medium14
Asparagus60 g4 spears3
Avocado29 g1 oz2
Beets43 g1/4 cup4
Broccoli, cooked156 g1 cup11
Broccoli, raw88 g1 cup6
Brussel sprouts155 g1 cup12
Cabbage70 g1 cup4
Carrots, raw55 g1/2 cup6
Cauliflower, raw100 g1 cup5
Celery, raw60 g1/2 cup2
Corn on the cob63 g1 ear14
Corn, canned210 g1 cup41-47
Cucumber, raw104 g1 cup4
Eggplant99 g1 cup9
Kale, cooked65 g1/2 cup4
Leeks26 g1/4 cup2
Lettuce55 g1 cup2
Mushrooms, raw17 g1/4 cup<1
Okra, cooked80 g1/2 cup5
Olives22 g5 olives1
Onion, cooked26 g2 TBSP2
Parsnips78 g1/2 cup13
Peas80 g1/2 cup6-11
Peppers10 g1 ring<1
Pickle65 g1 pickle2
Potato202 g1 potato43
Potatoes, mashed210 g1 cup36
Potatoes, hash browns48 g1/2 cup27
Snap Beans135 g1 cup6-10
Spinach, raw30 g1 cup1
Squash, summer, cooked180 g1 cup8
Squash, winter, cooked240 g1 cup18-24
Sweet potato156 g1 potato28
Tomato20 g1 slice<1
*Potato salad125 g1/2 cup14
Bagel70-90 g1 whole35-50
Banana bread60 g1 slice33
Barley, cooked79 g1/2 cup22
Biscuits27 g2 1/2" biscuit13
Bread, most types20-40 g1 slice11-13
Bread, hotdog bun43 g1 bun22
Bread, hamburger bun43 g1 bun22
Bread, dinner roll28 g1 roll15
Bulgur, cooked182 g1 cup34
Cereals30-55 g1 serving21-40
Cornbread60 g1 piece29
Crackers10 g4 crackers4-16
Couscous, cooked157 g1 cup36
Croissant57 g1 whole26
Croutons10 g1/4 cup6
English muffin57 g1 muffin25
Macaroni, cooked140 g1 cup43
Muffin57 g1 muffin19-28
Noodles160 g1 cup40
Oat bran12 g2 TBSP8
Pancake38 g1 pancake11-14
Popcorn8 g1 cup6
Pita, white60 g1 pita33
Rice, brown cooked195 g1 cup45
Rice, white cooked158 g1 cup44
Stuffing100 g1/2 cup22
Spaghetti140 g1 cup37-43
Taco shell13 g1 shell8
Tortilla32 g1 tortilla12-17
Waffle75 g1 waffle25
*Pizza79 g1 slice19
*Egg33-61 g1 egg<1
Bacon19 g3 slices<1
Bologna57 g2 slices3
Clams85 g3 oz3-5
Chicken, meat only44 g1 drumstick0
Chicken, battered & fried72 g1 drumstick6
Chicken, flour & fried49 g1 drumstick.8
Crab, imitation85 g3 oz13
Fish sticks, breaded57 g1 serving12
Ham57 g2 slices1-2
Hotdog45 g1 frank1
Oysters84 g6 oysters2
Shrimp, breaded & fried45 g6 large5
Turkey, meatanyany0
Baked beans, canned127 g1/2 cup24
Black beans, cooked86 g1/2 cup20
Chickpeas100 g1/2 cup16-22
Great northern beans89 g1/2 cup19
Hummus28 g2 TBSP4
Kidney beans89 g1/2 cup20
Lentils99 g1/2 cup20
Lima beans60 g1/2 cup17
White beans, canned131 g1/2 cup28
Almonds14 g12 nuts3
Cashews28 g18 nuts9
Macadamia nuts14 g6 nuts2
Mixed nuts28 g1 oz6
Peanuts14 g14 nuts2-3
Pecans14 g10 halves2
Pine nuts8 g1 TBSP, 1/2 oz1
Pistachios7 g11 nuts2
Walnuts14 g7 halves2
*Peanut butter16 g1 TBSP3
Butter14 g1 TBSP.01
Cheese, blue28 g1 oz.66
Cheese, cheddar28 g1 oz.36
Cheese, cottage226 g1 cup6-10
Cheese, cream15 g1 TBSP1
Cheese, feta28 g1 oz1
Cheese, mozarella28 g1 oz1
Cheese, parmesan5 g1 TBSP.2
Cheese, american28 g1 oz1
Cheese, swiss28 g1 oz.6
Cheese, provolone28 g1 oz.6
Cheese, ricotta62 g1/4 cup2-3
Cream15 g1 TBSP.5
Cream, sour15 g1 TBSP.6
Margarine14 g1 TBSP<1
Oils (all types)0
Yogurt, plain227 g8 oz11-17
Yogurt, fruit227 g8 oz43
Yogurt, frozen144 g1 cup36
Angelfood cake50 g1 piece29
Brownie56 g1 piece36
Cake64 g1 piece34-50
Cake, pound28 g1 piece14-17
Cake, snack43 g1 piece28
Cheesecake80 g1 piece20
Choc. chip cookie, homemade16 g1 cookie9
Choc. chip cookie, refrig. dough26 g1 cookie18
Cookie, oatmeal15 g1 cookie9-17
Cookie, peanut butter15 g1 cookie9-12
Cookie, sugar15 g1 cookie9
Crust, graham cracker30 g1 piece20
Crust, pie16 g1 piece9
Doughnuts13-60 g1 doughnut7-30
Fudge19 g1 piece11-13
Graham cracker14 g2 squares11
Ice cream132 g1 cup30-38
Kit Kat42 g1 whole27
m&m's, plain7 g10 pieces5
m&m's, peanut20 g10 pieces12
Milky Way61 g1 bar43
Pastry71 g1 pastry26-34
Pie, apple155 g1 piece40-57
Pie, blueberry147 g1 piece41-49
Pie, cherry180 g1 piece47-70
Pie, chocolate113 g1 piece38
Pie, coconut104 g1 piece31
Pie, lemon meringue113 g1 piece53
Pie, pecan122 g1 piece64-67
Pie, pumpkin155 g1 piece40
Snickers57 g1 bar35
Marshmallows50 g1 cup41
Mr. Goodbar49 g1 bar 27
Nestle Crunch44 g1 bar29
Reece's Peanut Butter Cups45 g2 cups25
Yogurt, frozen144 g1 cup36
Apple juice, unsweetened248 g1 cup28
Cranberry juice253 g8 fl oz34
Grape juice250 g1 cup31
Hot cocoa206 g1 serving24
Lemonade248 g8 fl oz18-26
Milk, chocolate250 g1 cup26-30
Milk, white244 g1 cup12
Milkshake, thick300 g11 fl oz56-64
Orange juice249 g1 cup28
Soda pop355 g12 fl oz32-46
Soda pop, diet355 g12 fl oz0-1
Tea178 g6-8 fl oz<1
Tomato juice243 g1 cup10
Beer, light354 g12 fl oz6
Beer355 g12 fl oz13
Daiquiri60 g2 fl oz4
Gin42 g1.5 fl oz0
Rum42 g1.5 fl oz0
Vodka42 g1.5 fl oz0
Whiskey42 g1.5 fl oz0
Dessert wine103 g3.5 fl oz12-14
Table wine103 g3.5 fl oz3
Creamer2 g1 serving1-2
Chocolate syrup19 g1 TBSP12
Gravy60 g1/4 cup3
Honey21 g1 TBSP17
Ketchup15 g1 TBSP4
Jam/Jelly20 g1 TBSP13
Mustard5 g1 tsp<1
Baking powder5 g1 tsp2
Baking soda4.6 g1 tsp0
Cream of tartar3 g1 tsp1.85
Spices1-2 g1 t-1 T1
Yeast4 g1 tsp1.65
Lemon juice24 g1/2 lemon2
Lime juice19 g1/2 lime2
Buttermilk61 g1/4 cup3
Sweeetened condensed milk77 g1/4 cup42
Coconut, dried & sweetened18 g2 TBSP6
Sugar, brown3.2 g1 tsp3
Sugar, granulated4.2 g1 tsp4
Sugar, powdered8 g1 TBSP8
Syrup, chocolate19 g1 TBSP12
Syrup, corn20 g1 TBSP15
Syrup, maple20 g1 TBSP13

Foods Low in Carbs

NO CARBS (generally):

• Meats

• Fats

LOW CARBS (generally):

• Nuts

• Vegetables

MEDIUM CARBS (generally):

• Fruits

HIGHER CARBS (generally):

• Grains (breads)

• Beans

• Yogurt

• Desserts

Carb Calculator

Another great tool is a carb calculator.

Find out how many carbs you should be eating in a day.

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