Carb Calculator and More

Use these Carb Calculators to help regulate the carbs in your diet. Done right, eating carbohydrates is a very important part of your nutrition.

• How many carbs should you be eating every day?

• What is a Net Carb?

• What are some good recipes with healthy carbs?

How many Carbs should you eat every day?

Carbohydrate Calculator - how many grams of carbs you require daily.

This carb calculator that tells how many grams of carbohydrates you should eat every day.

Carbohydrate Calculator
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You should consume about grams of carbohydrates daily

Calorie Calculator - Carbs, Fat, Protein grams

This free calculator shows your carbs in two ways - grams and calories.

Bonus - also learn how many grams of protein and fat you need.

Your body needs carbs. You don't need to cut them out of your eating.

What is a Net Carb?

Net Carb is a term from the Atkins Diet.

Did you know that fiber affects how your body uses carbohydrates?

Carbs with fiber do not raise your blood sugar as much as carbs without fiber (like most white breads, white potatoes and sweets).

Subtract fiber grams from carb grams to find NET CARBS. To oversimplify, fiber cancels out carbs (or at least their effect on your blood sugar).

Carbohydrates with more fiber are also called SLOW CARBS and LOW GLYCEMIC CARBS. Click here to find a Low Glycemic Food List.

When you let your blood sugar spike up then fall down, you feel hungry faster. You can feel fatigued and grumpy. That's why you don't feel good after eating carbs without much fiber - like french fries, white bread, or sweets. They don't fill you up for very long.

Eating carbs with fiber will keep you full longer. Your blood sugar will be steadier - you'll feel better.

Even eating carbs with a meal affects your body. You can still eat white potatoes when you eat them with protein and vegetables.

A new favorite with our family is "Potatoes with Winter Squash."

  • Roast a winter squash and several white potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil at 400° until soft.
  • Let them cool a few minutes then scoop out the squash and mash with the potatoes (skins on).
  • Add a little cheese and butter (optional).

Now you can eat your white potatoes, but they are healthier combined with their skins and the squash.
Find a tool for more recipes below . . .

Carb Calculator - What are some recipes with healthy carbs?

Enjoy using this free Recipe Finder to discover healthy dishes.

Tips for trying new recipes (they worked for us!):

• Just try it. You don't have to make it again if you don't like it.

• For children - our rule is the kids have to eat one bite. They get used to trying new things without the dread of finishing a dish they don't like (yet).

You can eat carbs. A simple rule - choose carbohydrates with more fiber.

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