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You'll be on the Right Track

Use our free Calorie Tracker. You're doing a good thing. You want to track your calories and see what exactly a day is like when your eating is in line with what you need.

I've had weight creep up on me. I feel like I'm eating the same as I always do, but obviously I'm not! (Ever blame your tight pants on the dryer shrinking your clothes? I have!)

Eating out can kill our healthy diet, too. We don't realize how many calories are in those entrees, chips and salsa, or fast food. I recommend (if you have a smart phone) getting an app that shows nutrition facts for restaurants. I use mine all the time. Or you can research a restaurant's calories online before you go.

Once you learn to manage your calories, you won't need the Calorie Tracker anymore. Wouldn't that be great? It's within your reach.

Calorie Tracker Tool

This is a great "gadget" that can track your calories, exercise, and weight goals. It even has a calendar function.

But how many calories do I need?

You can find that information in our Calorie Requirement section. Research how many calories you need based on your age, weight, height and weight loss goals. Pretty neat.

Then don't keep track of calories . . .

It's a good idea to see how far over (or under) you're going in your calorie intake. Once you get an idea of where your eating is, you may not want to count calories all the time. (It's hard.)

So, you can learn how to manage your eating by portions, snacks and good choices. Learn about it here.

Also, use our handy form to put it into practice. I use this sheet to plan my eating (especially snacks) for the day. It keeps you focused on making healthy choices and eating every 2-3 hours.

Get a feel for healthy eating. Then you can stop counting calories.

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