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Find your Calorie Requirement with this great tool. Plan your eating based on your age, height, weight and goals.

My husband can take in more food than me (especially when he's training for a marathon). Our kids, of course, don't need as many calories. But how many times do we give them adult size portions and expect them to "clean their plate?"

It's good to get a reminder how many calories we really need.

Calorie Requirement Tool

This calculator breaks down your total calories into carbs, fat and protein:

Calorie Tracker

Now that you know how many calories you need, find out how close you get to it every day. Use our Calorie Tracker to tabulate your daily calories.

You can enter what you eat for a whole day and see how the calories added up. That can be a good exercise to do - many of us don't realize exactly how much we're eating every day. It may be way over our calorie requirement, and we didn't even realize it!

Especially when we have a change in our schedule, calories can sneak up on us. During the holidays, I eat more sweets, then I can let that carry over into the new year if I'm not careful. Also, if your work or travel schedule involves more sitting, you have to cut back on calories.

Then don't track calories . . .

It's a good idea to see how far over (or under) you're going in your calorie intake. Once you get an idea of where your eating is, you may not want to count calories all the time. I know I don't. It's a lot of work.

Don't plan on tracking calories forever! No one wants to live that way. And you don't have to.

There's a much easier way. Check out how to manage your eating by portions, snacks and good choices. Learn about it here.

Also, use our handy form to put it into practice.

Learn how many calories you need, get used to the feel of it, then set yourself free from it!

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