Calculating BMI
Are you at a healthy weight?

Calculating BMI is easy. This tool estimates your fat. It shows if you are lean, average, overweight, or obese.

Many doctor's use the BMI scale in analyzing a patient's weight.

BMI Chart

body mass index bmi chart

Calculating BMI

What do these numbers mean?

12-18 Lean or Underweight

If you're an athlete, you may be ok in this range. If you're not an athlete, build some more muscle mass.

18-24 Healthy

This is the healthiest range. Great work!

25-29 Overweight

Your health risks are increasing. Consider this another wake-up call to start changing your lifestyle.

30+ Obese

You're doing the right thing by researching weight loss. Make a small change today. Then wake up every day to a fresh start.

Shortcomings of the BMI Chart

This tool is not perfect.

It cannot tell the difference between muscle and fat - it simply goes by weight. It's a quick tool to assess fat, but it does not measure fat directly.

A muscle-bound athlete may get in the overweight category. Or an elderly person who has lost muscle may get a misleading number. Also, women are supposed to have more fat; it's how they're made.

But if you're in the overweight or obese category, it's probably a good indication that you're heading toward health problems. You're in the right place to get some weight loss tips.

I'm glad you've checked out the BMI chart. That's a much better way to see if your weight is in a healthy range. We can't compare ourselves to the images we see in the media - airbrushed and underweight.

If you've decided to take off some weight, you're welcome to see our tips (they're free). We have a section dedicated to teens and another one for people of any age.

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