Our Best Weight Loss Plan
in 6 Little Crunches

This is our Best Weight Loss Plan that we actually live out in our family. It's adaptable - for your lifestyle week to week, year in and year out. It's healthy, but with room for indulgence and eating "regular food." It applies at school or work, at home, at parties or out with friends, during holidays and vacations.

Weight Loss Plan

crunchweight loss plan
glass of water
healthy snacks
breakfast granola with berries

Before you can be incredibly successful with a weight loss program, you need to know the facts and decide to follow them.

Learn to drink water. It works. In college, this was my beginning. I can't wait for you to start the best weight loss plan.

Walking is the key to making exercise an enjoyable habit. Sound too easy? Early in our marriage, we started walking together. It became our habit, and it kept weight off for years. It will melt yours off, too.

exercise class

Advanced - you already have a habit of exercise and are ready to take it up a level.

Snacks are your tool for eating healthy fruit carbs. When you learn how to snack well, your life gets so much better! Prepare to have some fun . . .

Breakfast is your tool for learning to love healthy grain carbs. Imagine having one healthy and high fiber meal every day - no matter what!

whole grains

I have a plan to ease you into liking whole grains.

portion plate healthy dinne

Dinner is your tool for learning to eat vegetable carbs. Then you'll have the secret to eating proper portions - it's that easy . . .

Dessert, after a healthy dinner (see BELOW), is a must.  Find out how to make desserts work with your weight loss.

Have you lost weight only to gain it back? Would free weight loss help be a dream? Then it's time to look to something different.

Warning: You will be surprised how simple and doable the best weight loss plan is. Our culture has made weight loss so difficult. Why? Because we have a mindset to punish ourselves for gaining weight - "surely it has to be hard." You may be desperate to lose weight. I remember how that feels. You want the weight gone yesterday!

Be prepared to get used to treating yourself well. No more weird weight loss plans and diets. 

More about Carbs

Carbs in the form of grains. Breakfast is the teaching tool to change the grains you eat for the better.

Carbs in the form of fruit. Snacks are the teaching tool to change the snacks you eat for the better.

Carbs in the form of vegetables. Dinner is the teaching tool to change the vegetables you eat for the better.

Desserts Are Essential

Dessert is an important part of the Crunch Formula Weight Loss Plan. Don't take it out of your weight loss equation. Find many of our dessert recipes.

Getting Started on our Best Weight Loss Plan

ready set go trac

Golden Rule: Start each step AFTER you have fully convinced yourself to change. You will be making a new life habit, and that takes your full "buy-in." Allow yourself to read, think, and then decide to plunge in!

Prove to yourself that this is the best weight loss plan. Use this website as your online weight loss support.

You're not alone. Let's get started!


Crunch the Facts:

Free Online Weight Loss Help


Refuel with Water:

Drink Water for Weight Loss


Unleash the Secret of Exercise:

Lose Weight Walking,


Never be Hungry Again:

List of Healthy Snacks


Have Dessert Daily:

Healthy Dessert Ideas

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