Apple Dessert Recipes
Peel a delicious dessert!

Apple Dessert Recipes make you feel like a star baker when you serve rich AND nutritious desserts.

My favorite apple for baking is MacIntosh. It breaks down just enough and tastes and smells just right. Many cooks use Granny Smith apples for baking. They are a little tart and hold together well; they have a green skin. Honestly, any kind of apple will work.

apple dumplings recipe

15-Minute Apple Dumplings

This charming and delectable dumpling recipe takes literally minutes to put together. Oh boy, you'll have people coming back for seconds.

I love this apple dessert. I'm not usually a dumpling fan, but now I am.

apple cream pie bars recipe

Apple Cream Pie Bars

This may be the best dessert I've ever eaten. It's sweet, it's tart, it's pie(!), and the edges are like caramel candy.

As much as I love to bake pies, this recipe makes me a convert to pressing dough into a dish to make bars. It's so much easier, and it still tastes like pie. Cooling time is also much, much shorter, so you can enjoy your dessert sooner.

This recipe is adapted from one hand-written on a notepad paper by the dear owner of our local orchard. Her name was Mary (the same as my great-grandma). She has since passed away, and she has the best tribute anyone can have - her family misses her greatly and always say wonderful things about her.

She baked a similar pie with the first apples of the season, called Transparent apples. My husband liked it so much, he planted our own Transparent Apple tree. We harvested our first apples this year.

Upside Down Apple Muffins

Decadent. Caramely, nutty, coconutty. All in with a soft muffin fortified with oats. Easy, too. Just use one bowl.

When you're looking for a rich yet nutritious dessert, you've found it. I can't wait to make them again.

Apple Monkey Bread

Everyone loves monkey bread. It's like a perfect homemade donut. Adding apples to the recipe is a snap, and they add more flavor as well as nutrition. Someone said it tasted like apple fritters.

I recommend tearing the biscuits in fourths, instead of halves like traditional monkey bread, and eating it with a fork instead of your fingers (like a monkey - ha ha). The top will turn out beautifully crispy. Serve it straight from the pan or turn it out onto a platter and see the gooey underneath. You win both ways!

Apple Dessert Recipes will help you eat well, enjoy desserts, and still lose weight.

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