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Home Runs, Issue 2012-5: Enjoy the Holidays without Putting on Pounds
November 16, 2012

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How to Deal with Overeating

Stuff the turkey - not yourself!

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1 - Drink water.

After your holiday meal, drink 2 or 3 glasses of water throughout that evening (or afternoon or whatever time of day it is for you). Don't be extreme by drinking too much water or drinking it too fast. Use common sense.

Water will help your digestion. Your stomach will feel better.

2 - Take a stroll.

A nice walk will burn calories and raise your metabolism. You'll also feel great about yourself. Hopefully your family or friends can go on the walk with you.

3 - Follow our guidelines for meals.

This will help you from overeating too much in the first place.

On Thanksgiving, here is my strategy:

*Get some exercise that day. Our town even has a 4 mile race that morning to raise scholarship money. My cross country-running son will participate in that run. I'll probably walk on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes.

*I'll stay close to our meal-eating guidelines. I'll eat correct portion sizes, but I'll eat more than one serving of protein, carbohydrate and vegetable. I'll skip the dinner roll in favor of mashed potatoes. For dessert, I'll probably eat half portions of two desserts instead of one big dessert.

*Drinking water will be a big part of my plan. It will save calories at my holiday dinner. Then I'll drink extra water after the meal, usually 2 or 3 glasses throughout the evening while I sit and chat with the female folks in the family. By the time I go home, I won't feel stuffed.

RECIPE: Holiday Crisp

A variation on grandma's apple crisp, this version is bright and tangy with several holiday fruits.

•4 cups apples, peeled and sliced
•2 cups fruit, choose from:
raspberries or strawberries
•1 cup applesauce

•1 1/2 cups brown sugar
•1 cup flour
•1 cup oats
•2/3 cup butter
•1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
•1 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

Preheat oven to 375°F. Spray cooking oil on a 9x13 baking dish.

Peel, slice, and/or dice the fruit you choose to use. Spread fruit in dish.

Mix the topping ingredients together and sprinkle over the fruit. Some of the topping will be in clumps while some of it will be loose.

Bake 30-45 minutes until the fruit is bubbling in the middle of the dish.

Excellent served while still warm, but wonderful at room temperature, too. Enjoy a nutritious holiday!

Emotional Eating during the Holidays

Joyous, celebratory times can also be stressful and emotionally painful.

Women, especially, do much of the planning and executing of holiday cooking, decorating, purchasing, etc, etc, etc. That's a lot of work.

Celebrating without certain loved ones because of death, divorce, or broken relationships is very painful.

How can we avoid overeating to ease our stressed and broken hearts?

First, when you realize you're reaching for the fudge to ease your feelings, not your hunger, STOP. Take a walk, go to another room and do something else for 15 minutes, or leave for awhile.

Next, don't press down your feelings so much. Sure, we have to set them aside to go on with our lives, but also take some time to think about what's going on in your head. Maybe you need to forgive a family member and restore the relationship. Maybe you need to grieve some more over a lost loved one. Maybe you need to "chill out" and simplify your holiday plans to keep your sanity!

Last, stick with our eating recommendations for snacks and meals. With this simple structure in place, you easily regulate your eating, even during the holidays.

Solve your problems; don't drown them in gravy. :)

Exercise Tip

Take care of your feet. They carry you throughout your day and your exercise, bearing all your weight.

You don't have to wear your athletic shoes until they fall apart on your feet. I've read recommendations to replace your shoes every 3 months. The runners in our family do need to replace their running shoes that often. Those of us walking and doing aerobics get new tennis shoes about every 6 months. I alternate between two pairs of Asic running shoes, and I replace them at least once a year. I've found the cheap Asics are better for me.

Pick a website with free shipping and free returns. Our favorite websites (yes, you can order shoes):

Remember, walking is exercise! I truly think everyone should have "plain old walking" in their exercise routine. It keeps you from giving up on working out; when you're injured or just tired, you can walk. It works for me.

See you next time . . .

We'll see you again at New Year's. Find strategies for making and keeping new year's resolutions.

Happy Holidays from Grand Slam Weight Loss Tips!

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