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Home Runs, Issue #2014-1 - One Little Resolution
December 29, 2013

You're #1 with ONE Little Resolution

Do you know anyone who keeps a New Year's Resolution for the whole year? Neither do I!

A fresh start to the year brings the excitement of second chances. "Maybe this year I'll fix the things I don't like about myself." Does that sound familiar?

In 2014, let's actually reach our goal by limiting New Year's Resolutions to just One Little Thing.

What's mine? I'm going to do 3 push-ups a day. That's it. I've been wanting to get back to doing daily push-ups. I exercise most days, but I'm still a bit of a weakling with my push-ups. :)

You may be thinking, that doesn't sound like much - 3 push-ups a day? What good will that do? Well, by next year I will have done 1095 push-ups* (compared to very few this year)!

What "One Little Resolution" can you dream up?

• Drink 1 extra bottle of water a day . . . (that's about 3650 ounces of water)
• Walk 15 minutes a day . . . (that's 91 hours of walking)
• Find two high-fiber breakfasts that you like (that's over 300 high-fiber meals under your belt)
• Choose fruit for one snack a day (that's 365 low-fat snacks, possibly saving 146,000 calories!)

All these suggestions came from the steps in Our Free Plan for weight loss. Check it out and pick ONE step as your ONE Little Resolution.

*Let's be sensible about our one resolution. I'm going to miss a few days along the way; everyone will. Don't worry about it, just start again the next day. Every day is a new start.

What's New?

Carbohydrates have unfortunately received a bad reputation. We have so many choices of good carbs.

Here's 2 facts I think most people don't know:

• Your brain ONLY uses carbs as energy.

• Your body eventually turns ALL food into carbs.

We are designed to make very good use of carbohydrates each day.

Click here for our List of Carbohydrate Foods.

Best Chicken Soup Recipe

It's winter here and the best time of the year for chicken noodle soup. (Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I'll make it this weekend.)

Do you make chicken soup when someone in your family is sick? I do, too. But we don't have to wait until then.

I use whole wheat noodles in this recipe; you can't even tell the difference. They don't look brown after you cook them, and they are firm yet soft enough. They don't get gummy like white pasta. I always try to put more fiber into our diets - that's my "one biggest tip" for losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet. Always pick high fiber over low/no fiber.

On the side, it's nice to have toast made from sourdough bread. This is the only white bread I keep regularly in our house. Because of the sourdough's acidic content, it digests slowly, like whole wheat bread.

Click here for our Best Chicken Soup Recipe.

See you next time . . .

We'll see you again around Spring Break.

You can keep your New Year's goals when you set One Little Resolution.

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