Our Weight Loss Plan
to Crunch Away your Weight

Want a weight loss plan that really works? One that a doctor's family actually uses? Our free healthy recipes, workout routines, and easy tips will take off all that unwanted weight one little crunch at a time. We believe you can achieve and keep a healthy weight.

crunch weight loss plan

We share how we eat and exercise to have a healthy weight.

You can do it, too.

Let's get started with 6 Little Crunches . . . (Don't forget dessert!)

I get asked how I manage my weight. I can't answer that in one sentence; it's a lot of little things that add up. But it's all here in this website.

Why should you trust us with your weight loss plan?

Meet my husband, Dr. Dave, a family physician.

He'll steer you in the right direction - and away from all the false information out there. You'll love his unbiased expertise mixed with his personal weight loss successes. He's gone from not liking exercise to having a new hobby he loves - running. A couple years ago he couldn't run 100 yards; now he's finished his third marathon.

As for me, I'm a business woman who stayed home to raise our kids.

Like many women around the globe, I've had to learn how to feed my family in a healthy way - that they'll actually eat! Like you, I have to plan, learn, and figure this out in my "spare time." But I have good news! It can be done, and I'd like to share how I keep our family (and myself) at healthy weights.

What about our kids?

They are teenagers now, and they're very typical. They don't like broccoli. They spend a lot of time at home on the computer or watching tv - but they have also found their "athletic niche." When they were little kids, we watched them sit the bench during soccer and baseball games, but we kept encouraging them to try new things. So now the sports they love are cross country, marching band, and color guard. That's what we all want - active kids. Not an easy task in this "information age."

How do we do it?
What's our weight loss plan?

crunch weight loss tips

It's a handful of small, easy steps. Find them all here.

Everything you find on our website is doctor-approved, mom-approved, and kid-approved.

We don't:

  • count calories
  • deprive ourselves
  • starve
  • exercise all the time

We do:

  • eat dessert every day
  • eat carbs
  • use butter
  • drink juice
  • eat beef
  • eat like typical Americans (although we aim for high fiber)
  • snack
  • exercise moderately
  • eat before bed

Would you like to live this way and never diet again? I'd like you to be successful at weight loss and keep it off forever! It's actually so simple - just read on . . .

How can YOU lose weight and keep it off?

Dream big with your weight loss goals.

Achieve your goals one little crunch at a time with the Crunch Weight Loss Plan . . .

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